The more than two thousand Hondurans that are carrying out a caravan towards the USA are exposing that “Honduras is changing” and there is a “better life” are not true, thus affecting the image of the repressive and dictatorial government of JOH. These phrases are as false as his speech in the UN where he bragged about non-existing growth and economic stability, which does not imply a change in the quality of life of the Honduran.

By PST-Honduras

The Caravan left in a week where harsh attacks on the working class were announced, like increase in electricity rates, absolute privatization of ENEE, new increase in fuel prices, and new rates on vehicle plates. Not by chance, thousands of Hondurans – including children and pregnant women – displaced for kilometers with the slogan, “We are not leaving because we want to. We are expelled by violence and poverty”. Wishing to find in their American exodus conditions of employment, education and health that have become a privilege in our country.

The face of imperialism and the failed alliance for prosperity

Most immigrants seek asylum in Mexico and the USA. They expect more people to join them as they pass through Guatemala and Mexico, forming a greater Central American caravan than the one last April, where a Honduran mother with her two children were the first to request asylum. The caravan had to face the worst side of imperialism, standing intimidation by the frontier guards sent by Trump. Trump also ordered the Secretary of State to stop the access of immigrants to the USA, which he rated as a disgrace. He also carries out constant threats to cancel the TPS (Temporary Protection Status; T.N.) for Hondurans and other countries of the region, seizing every opportunity to express his xenophobia and discrimination towards immigrants.

On the other hand, there have been great expectations of macro-economic growth for the countries of the Northern Triangle, promising to improve commodity traffic with the perspective to improve “economic rates”. What the regional governments did not say is that the supposed opportunities sought by this alliance, mainly for the youth, is a mask under which the bourgeoisie and the servile governments fill their pockets while they continue sinking their people in hunger and misery.

In addition, imperialist policies applied by the JOH administration have placed Honduras as the poorest country in the region. Also, affecting enormous cases of corruption that involve high employees of political parties like the “Pandora case” and the misappropriation of the IHSS (Honduras Social Security Institute; T.N.), where those prosecuted were set in freedom.

Capitalism and its crisis: the main responsible

It is not strange that these situations take place within a capitalist society. Hunger and misery policies on behalf of the administrations force great sections of the population to flee from their countries. In the Middle East, due to war confrontations, there have been over two million displaced towards Europe, who go through an odyssey by crossing the sea in rafts. Some do not achieve their objective. Many Honduran immigrants go through the same situation in their path through Mexico, where they are killed by organized crime. Other times, “the beast” (the name of the train they jump on) has charged the trip by mutilating one of their extremities and other times even with their lives.

Economic and social policies pushed by neoliberal governments throughout the world in a terrible combination with the violence affecting the “underdeveloped” countries are causing this increasing wave of migration. The governments, belonging to the European Union that supported the wars in the Middle East, are suffering the consequences today, with thousands of immigrants in their frontiers. The same happens with Mr. Trump with his support to Juan Orlando Hernández (JOH) and all his actions against the Honduran people. Today, he has to face thousands of Honduran immigrants who dare cross the frontier in search of better conditions, despite xenophobia and racism coming from Donald Trump’s speeches.

Capitalism is in crisis and forced migration is one of the main symptoms. For humans to migrate from one place to another is not bad, but without a doubt to migrate due to the calamity we find ourselves in is not good. The system does not work and we urgently need to change it for a system where we all have the same opportunities to develop. We call the social and popular movement organizations to be vigilant regarding the respect of the human rights of our compatriots that migrate. The caravan becomes a nostalgic expression of struggle for rights and better opportunities.

No human being is illegal! For a migratory reform in benefit of the oppressed and exploited! Stop the racist and inhuman migratory system! No more domination and exploitation from the USA on our peoples!