In a few days, the G 20 summit will take place in Buenos Aires. Donald Trump, who humiliates Latin America, will walk hand in hand with the leaders of the imperialist countries and the IMF. In the G20, 10% of the countries (20 something guests) impose the destiny over the remaining 90%.

By PSTU-Argentina

The English pirates who have occupied our Malvinas will be present along with Lagarde, who is supervising the agreement Macri signed and will be paid by our children and grandchildren. The Chinese, Russian and French presidents will be there, just as the German Prime Minister. Countries that own multi-nationals that are plundering Argentina’s natural resources, great industries and banks, sucking our blood, will also be present.

The main entrepreneurs and powerful women (as if they represent all women) of these countries met for months with the finance ministers and they discussed different subjects to guarantee their profits. For example, food, labor, mining and energy resources, infrastructure, climatic change, finance regulations, migrations, etc. The summit will adopt decisions prepared in these meetings.

They seek the best way to hold on to all the wealth in the planet, now and in the future. Surely, the trade war between USA and China will be an entire chapter of deliberations. In other words, the war between the hyenas to steal food, energy, and water. Everything Argentina and the other countries they dominate need for the well-being of our population.

The Shame

There is no one more enslaved than one who is not aware of one’s situation. They will show their greed as they attempt to make us believe they are trying to improve the life of all inhabitants of the world.

They will have the complicity of Macri, Bolsonaro and co., who only wish to be minor partners (actually favored servants) of the powerful.

Our country, which suffers a brutal adjustment, unemployment, inflation, hunger and backlash in public health and education, will spend a fortune in the party of the powerful. The estimated expense is over 3 billion pesos.

30,000 police officers and other forces, under the services of USA and Israel intelligence (just from North America, 1,500 agents will come), will protect these vultures. A true occupation army. Macri wants to show he is capable of attacking his own people to defend Trump and the remaining thieves.

Therefore, he repressed harshly the mobilization against the budget, he hardened legislation and imprisoned Daniel Ruiz, who pushed rejection to the G20, keeping him hostage, unjustly imprisoned.

Sadly, the political opposition sings along. Cristina participated during her administration in these summits, so she cannot reject them today. She will meet in a stadium for the picture and the announcement of the electoral race for 2019. The other Peronists, just the same. They seek to prove trustworthy before their masters.

The CGT is using the situation to blackmail, threatening with a strike they could call off in exchange for a miserable $5,000 (pesos), which are insufficient and would not go to the entire working class.

We must claim from every workplace to carry out a strike, as a beginning of a struggle plan. We need this to face the government’s entire plan. If this takes place a few days before the Summit, it will be a success. But they (the CGT; T.N.) are refusing to fight.

We must take rejection into our own hands

The workers and the toiling masses have the task to show the hatred we hold for them.

That we fight for our sovereignty and we will stand for it. That we do not forget the Malvinas. That we will not pay for Macri’s debt, mortgaging our future. As well as the debts incurred by previous administrations. That we will defend the food, water, minerals and energy of the future generations. That we are not all like Macri and the remaining traitors, agents of the enemy.

For this, we are preparing a great mobilization for November 30, the day the Summit begins. Labor federations and union leaders, social, human rights, unemployed and student organizations, as well as left wing political parties will be present. It will be a great day of struggle in Buenos Aires and around the country.

The world will be watching us during the Summit. We must show there are two Argentinas. One that sits to dine with the mighty and settles for crumbs.

The other suffers, but fights with dignity for our sovereignty, for the working class, to end plundering. One that rejects the IMF, Trump, the European Union, and all who oppress our people.

Organize from your work or study place, from your neighborhood, and come on the 30th. Join this gesture of dignity. We invite you to join and come along the PSTU.

A worker, internationalist and struggle column

In the mobilization, we will march in a column along hundreds of co-workers from Brazil who will join the struggle of Latin America, along representatives of labor organizations in France, Paraguay, etc. We will take on common demands against the G 20 and the IMF. We will also stand for the end of capitalism, to reject Trump and Lagarde, and to claim for Daniel Ruiz’s freedom, imprisoned by the G 20, as well as the other political prisoners.

The Alternative Summit

On November 28 and 29, the People’s Summit will take place, in a University and the Congress Plaza. Different organizations, among them the PSTU, that participate of the space Confluence against the G 20 and the IMF, are organizing a series of workshops and discussion groups about different subjects. Among them, foreign debt, Latin American and world situation, different aspects of the life of our people – food, health, education, natural resources and their plundering, etc.-, besides women’s rights, Human Rights, etc.

The International Labor Network of Solidarity and Struggles will present a workshop organized by CSP Conlutas and Solidaires (labor federations from Brazil and France) representatives. It will be an open debate for all, particularly activists and worker fighters.

On the other hand, our party and the International Workers League will be inviting every current to a debate, where everyone may express one’s opinion on the situation in Brazil from the triumph of Bolsonaro, and the consequences for Argentina.

Finally, Human Rights bodies are organizing a debate on protest criminalization and for the freedom of Daniel Ruiz. Daniel organized the rejection to the G 20 from the beginning. He was arrested two days after the meeting that developed an international calling for rejection. Therefore, the Confluence considers him a prisoner of the G 20.