Macri prepares his “party” in the palace, where he will receive the greatest enemies of our country. The Argentinian people, devastated by unemployment, misery and increase in rates, sees this with hatred. Therefore, the government is forced to attempt to fill us with fear, with a completely anti-democratic campaign to discourage mobilizations.

By PSTU-Argentina

We must answer with more anger, rejection and mobilization, standing for our right to protest.

When Macri offered to host the G 20 in Argentina, he imagined that by the end of 2018, the worst of the crisis would have already passed, foreign investments would be flourishing, and the labor, pensions and fiscal reforms would have been adopted.

Then, the G20 Summit would be a great event. The multi-national, all the entrepreneurs, and most middle class would be happy. The Argentinians would receive Trump and company with joy.

A Different Scenario

Things did not work out this way. Workers and social struggle, overcoming the obstacle of the sold out labor leaderships, have stopped the reforms.

The brutal financial crisis, with one of the greatest capital flights in history, led to a political crisis where all sectors of employers are fighting over their piece of cake. The population suffers and is victim of drowning Macri and his ministers’ attempts to survive. Industrial recession reached 11.5%, the greatest since the 2002 crisis. And it will continue for several months.

Dujovne acknowledged several days ago that if any other government did what they did, it would have fallen. This is true. If it did not fall, it is due to the decided collaboration of all political opposition, labor bureaucracy and the pickets’ bureaucracy, which worked as firefighters under the Pope’s leadership.

With the flag of “democracy”, calling to remain patient until 2019, we were condemned to hunger and unemployment, they allowed the handing in and the brutal growth of the debt with the IMF.

This government should have fallen because the workers wanted it so, because most of those who voted for it had second thoughts, and because today, it does not represent most of the population. Peronism, adopting its bills, Christina and her calling for peace, the Pope and the triumvirate saved him.

A Campaign of Threats

They have not managed to convince anyone that the Summit will result in something good for Argentina. Even less associated with the hated IMF. The rejection of the majority is a fact. It is not easy to deceit all the people. Before this scenario, they had the risk of the G20 taking place in the midst of a fire.

Again, they managed the CGT to betray, which left without effect a strike announced for a miserable bonus that very few received.

They also needed Cristina’s help. She invented a fake “counter-summit” several days before (see central articles), to settle her followers, so they would not join the rejection mobilization.

However, this is did not suffice. Therefore, they imprisoned Daniel Ruiz two months ago. A prisoner of the G20 and Trump, after a meeting that carried out an International Calling to reject the G20. It was a precedent, as denounced by the Human Rights organizations gathered in the Memory, Truth, Justice Meeting (Encuentro Memoria, Verdad Justicia), in a press conference.

Now, Minister Bullrish invited the Buenos Aires City inhabitants to get away from their city. They militarized the city. They installed 30,000 agents of the armed and security forces under the command of thousands of North American, Israeli and Chinese agents, and threatened with incidents. It is an actual State of Siege, trains and metros will be suspended for those days, to discourage the participation in mobilizations. They advertise weapons and vehicles recently arrived from Israel and China as death machines that could be launched during these days.

As a cherry on top of all, the mysterious attacks, to make the situation even stranger. The unjustified witch-hunt of anarchist militants and the false accusation of two Arab community members belonging to Hezbollah (witch-hunt and accusation that we reject). It is all a set-up, to stop the world from seeing the two Argentinas. The one servile to the masters of the world, who accept the colonization in the XXI century, on one hand. On the other, the one of the workers and the people who reject this path.

They attempt to strengthen now with international help. What Dujovne said is not a risk of the past. Things may still complicate much more for the government, the multi-nationals, and the political and labor opposition that is helping them.

No Fear!

This campaign is the cowardly attitude of a government without support, fearful of its own people. They shall not overcome. Struggles will continue and will grow. This late November, thousands of people will be in the streets in Buenos Aires and around the country, showing there is no fear. We will struggle with our lives and souls until we defeat them.