The elimination of DACA responds Trump’s needs, in the first place to fulfill the promise made to his ultra-right followers who voted for him, secondly to continue attacking the most vulnerable sectors of society such as immigrants and working class in general, and thirdly to continue implementing the usual tactics, which the two parties in the government, Democrats and Republicans carry out continuously, from one administration to another, in which by means of alleged “disagreements “on immigration, has ensured the success of attacks, raids, and deportation of immigrants. Both political institutions have been for many years, implementing what we have previously described as “the perfect idiot’s tactic”; which refers to the role played by the two corporate political parties, in which neither one nor the other resolves anything, accusing each other of being responsible, and thus only dance around this issue and give no real solution, as it is happening today (September 2017) with the DACA youth.

We repudiate Trump and his government for conducting their attacks on young people protected by DACA today and demand their rights reinstated and their welfare guaranteed in all respects.

We denounce the repression against them and remind them that the attack on them is an attack on everyone, at the same time we denounce Obama and the Democratic Party as co-responsible for the critical situation in which the DACA youth are, because Obama knew the future limitations and contradictions his executive order would face , and in 8 years in the presidency; neither he nor the previous Democratic administrations (nor the Republicans) have been able to do anything politically and humanly correct to guarantee the full rights of immigrants.

Obama did nothing more than a political maneuver for him and his party to not look bad, and as a result, young people are paying the consequences today, as Trump vents his racial and anti-immigrant hatred, thereby fulfilling his promise to eliminate the DACA program on the first day of his government.

We know there are differences in form but not in substance between Democrats and Republicans over immigrants, and their behavior all these years confirms that they are both anti-immigrant, racist, and incapable, and these last 40 years have, so to say, and we are today in 2017 and the crisis and agony continues and worsens.

Thus, we call for the protection of DACA’s youth and for them to be granted all their rights, as well as demanding full rights for the 11 million undocumented immigrants, including the thousands of young people who did not qualify for DACA protection.

Now more than ever we need to unify forces from all sectors affected by the policies of the Democratic / Republican government against immigrants, and we call for a broad and independent movement to be able to fight harder and with political objectives that defend not only to the DACA youth, but all workers, peasants, professionals and students, as we are all in this social conflict, and it is right to maintain the demand for equality and full rights for all immigrants.


Out Trump and his government!

For family reunification!

Full rights for DACA youth and all immigrants!

No confidence in Democrats or Republicans: enemies of the working class, students, and immigrants!

Stop the raids, discrimination, deportations!

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