Yesterday afternoon, the Ramblas de Barcelona became the stage of a true massacre. The attack, crashing a full-speed van against the crowd, left 13 deaths so far, plus dozens injured. Everything points to Daesh or its followers as the perpetrators of this barbarian, coward, and unjustified act.

By Corriente Roja – Spanish State.


From Corriente Roja, we categorically repudiate this attack and raise in solidarity with the victims and their closest ones. These attacks, to which Europe is sadly becoming used to, deserve full rejection by workers’ organizations and social movements. Those who were murdered today had absolutely no responsibility for the war, racism, and spoliation policies carried out by the European governments. Daesh shows once again, just as they did in Syria or Iraq, that they always turn their guns against the people.

This attack only serves the strengthening of the most reactionary policies of our governments, which, using the rhetoric of “anti-terrorism,” take advantage of the situation to further close the borders and increase the persecution of immigrant workers. Extreme right-wing’s racism (which European governments embrace more and more) and Jihadism grow together. Just a few days ago, US fascists, with Trump’s support, attacked an anti-fascism march using the exact same method.

We warn that, ultimately, measures of exception will be used to double the attacks to democratic freedoms and against the social struggle, as Hollande recently did in France confronting the demonstrations against the labor reform.

Also, the insane Jihadist terrorism is not separable of the policy of imperialist pillage and war by the US and the EU governments, including ours [Mariano Rajoy]. While the peoples of the Middle East and North Africa rose in true popular insurrections for social justice and democracy, the world powers were allied with the corrupt dictatorships in the region, allowing the revolutions to be mercilessly crushed.

Workers and the youth cannot remain impassive. After all, it is always our blood and our deaths. This attack is one more reason to get into action and confront the imperialist policies of pillage, racism, inequality, and war.