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April 22, 2024

Freedom for the Corrupt, Prison for the Workers

The Nicolás Maduro government has just decreed the freedom of the bourgeois opposition politicians who were imprisoned by the President himself.


By: Cesar Neto          September 14, 2020


At the same time, it continues to keep dozens of workers and popular leaders in prison;  who opposed the policy of hunger and misery practiced by the so-called “Socialism of the 21st Century,” “Bolivarian Revolution,” and so many other names that only concealed the real character of the bosses’ and repressors’ government.

Now, the mask has fallen. The government has freed the right-wing conspirators and corrupt people and is keeping the workers and popular fighters imprisoned.

On September 9, in the petroleum city of Puerto La Cruz, the workers held a demonstration in defense of the imprisoned workers. [See below the transcript and video of the interventions by Eudis Girot and Luis Díaz, both leaders of the oil workers union]. Girot and Díaz have been leaders for more than ten years. This is their first and only term of office. Yes, it is more than ten years in the union and with the same mandate. It happens that in order for there to be union elections, the authorization of the Superior Electoral Court is necessary in the Chavista democratic census. There is no autonomy for the workers to define their elections! And since the election is proportional and the ruling party would lose the elections, the government prevents the convening of such elections.


Eudis Girot, historic Chavista and executive director of the FUTPV (Union of Oil Workers of Venezuela):

We are here, oil workers, condemning the attitude of Nicolás Maduro, who freed a number of political prisoners… However, the cynicism, the impudence of Nicolás Maduro, who denied freedom to our comrades Bartolo Guerra, Marco Sabariego, Gil Mujica, is incredible.


Luis Díaz, Trotskyist militant and director of the FUTPV (Venezuelan Oil Workers Union):

The freedom of political prisoners showed us one thing: that this is a class problem. They released the corrupt ones, those who brought the country to ruin, but comrade Bartolo Guerra, who is a worker with more than thirty years of service in the oil industry, is today unjustly being held in prison. President Nicolás must become aware that he must release comrade Bartolo; he must release comrade Roni Álvarez, who is also unjustly imprisoned; he must release the workers who are now being imprisoned nationwide by this government that calls itself socialist and of the workers. This is a government that has nothing to do with the workers. This is a government that has nothing to do with the popular sectors. This is a government that has an anti-popular and anti-worker policy, which has caused hunger and misery for the Venezuelan people.


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Article published by CSP-Conlutas, 9/9/2020, available

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