Thu Apr 25, 2024
April 25, 2024

France: All support to the February 5th General Strike!

The CGT, Solidaires and CNT-SO unions are calling a strike in all France next Tuesday February 5.

International Workers League- Fourth International (IWL-FI) Statement

The “Assembly of Assemblies” of the yellow vests, gathered on Commercy on January 26-27, has adopted support to the strike. Not to an isolated mobilization day, but to an indefinite general strike, controlled by strikers themselves (“could be re-oriented”). A strike that allows blocking the economy, defeating Macron and achieving demands. The Solidaires Union has taken a stand in the same sense: for a general strike that could by re-oriented, in unity with the Yellow Vests.

The strike of February 5 allows an enormous step forward in the necessary unity between the Yellow Vests and the organized workers movement, defeating the policy of union bureaucracies, who seek to stop the Yellow Vests and the factory workers from coming together.

The strike must be an unquestionable answer to Macron and his administration’s brutal repression, to their evident lies and fraudulent maneuvers. For example, their great propaganda operation called “great national debate”. It must be an answer to the European Union and its governments, who are great Macron supporters.

From the IWL-FI:

We stand with the French workers who demand “immediate increase of wages, subsidies and pensions; unconditional right to housing, health, education, public and free services for all” (Assembly of Assemblies of Commercy).

We condemn the criminalization of protests and demand the end of the wild police violence against protestors and for the withdrawal of the “anti-casseur” bill. We reject the violent actions of the small fascist groups against the NPA members. We demand amnesty for all condemned Yellow Vests.

Along the French Workers, We demand Out with Macron!

As the Commercy manifesto says, we call for “the formation of committees in the work and study places, and everywhere, so that this strike may be built from the rank and file by strikers themselves. Let us take matters into our hands!”

The European organizations of the INTERNATIONAL WORKERS LEAGUE (IWL-FI) push international solidarity with the strike in the different countries, through solidarity actions, concentrations before the embassy and consulates.

The struggle of our French brothers and sisters is the struggle of all against employers, EU governments and the EU itself, which is the Europe of the Capital. It is the struggle of all for a Europe of the Workers and the people.

European Secretariat of the International Workers League- Fourth International (IWL-FI)

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