4.8 million activists and workers across the world took to the streets to express opposition to Trump and his racist attack against Muslims and immigrants, and his sexist, homophobic, Islamophobic, and xenophobic attitudes and policies.

By International Socialist League – UK.


Immediately upon entering presidential office, Trump proceeded in haste to implement racist policies, including to order the construction of “a contiguous, physical wall or other similarly secure, contiguous, and impassable physical barrier” – but to keep out who?

Secondly, he signed an executive order to keep out of America nationals and refugees from seven Muslim-majority countries. A judicial challenge, arguing the unconstitutionality of the order, has halted its immediate implementation, much to Trump’s arrogant annoyance. Millions across America, including workers from Silicon Valley (site of some of the world’s biggest companies) are protesting against this.

Thirdly, he has signed orders to revive the construction of two pipelines – Dakota Access and Keystone XL. Millions of Americans, Native Americans, and climate change activists have opposed these dangerous pipelines, due to the threat posed to land, water, public health, sacred cultural sites, and the climate.

Furthermore, there will have to be a fight against the continued oppression of all women, against his reactionary presidency with his patriarchal ‘buddies’ and their attempt to affirm the ‘inferiority’ of women, including over the ownership of their own bodies. In an assault on women’s rights and overlooked by a bunch of blinkered white males, Trump signed away the reproductive rights of women in developing countries.

uk anti-trump 2Anti-Trump demonstrations have only just begun. Across the world millions are expressing their hostility to and hatred of Trumps’ policies with strong opposition to his nationalistic rants and sentiments, which has already led to racism on the streets and is fuelling a rise in far-right parties across the world.

Capitalism is in such a crisis now that the cracks are revealing to millions that its only way forward is more and more attacks on the world’s working class.

Hand in hand, together in heart and mind , May and Trump will wage war on all workers, oppressed groups, and the environment. They will dismantle what is left of public services, jobs and workers’ rights. Along with the reactionary policies of divide and rule, this is how they plan to secure a rotten capitalist system.

Therefore, the fight against Trump must be strongly linked with the fight against austerity and we must unite in a fight for a socialist alternative for all.

Capitalism cannot serve the needs of the 99%.


Originally published in Socialist Voice N 26