Let’s make a great General Strike on June 30!

The Federations’ leaderships, in a meeting on Friday 23, in São Paulo, reaffirmed the General Strike on June 30 through the following raison d’être: “Let’s stop Brazil against the Labor reform, in defense of our rights and retirements”.

This decision came after a strong pressure by the rank and file, mainly after the Força Sindical and UGT desisted if of the General Strike after a meeting with Temer’s government. The news generated a strong reaction, after which the two Federations has to go back and reaffirm the call for June 30, a decision that was ratified on last Friday.

“June 30 as a day of General Strike was approved in assemblies all around the country. The CSP-Conlutas understands that it is possible and necessary to make this General Strike bigger than the one on April 28,” says Luiz Carlos Prates, Mancha, who was in the meeting representing the CSP-Conlutas.

“Workers have great disposal; the reports we have from the states confirm this. So it is necessary to reinforce the call, which is now official. There is no way to withdraw or hesitate now,” he affirms. Besides the 30, the meeting also decided a struggle agenda until then, with several events by region, aiming to put presure on the parliamentarians.

“Let’s make meetings and assemblies, in the neighborhoods and workplaces; let’s strengthen the committees of struggle in every region, and stop Brazil on the 30,” he finishes.



June 23, 2017 – São Paulo, SP.

June 30: Let’s stop Brazil against the Labor reform, in defense of our rights and retirements

The Federations have followed on a daily basis the effects of the economic, political, and social crisis, as well as the broadest and deepest attempt to cut workers’ rights, through the processing of the Labor and Social Security reforms at the National Congress.

The unitary action of the Federations has resulted in a great mobilization in all corner of the country, as we saw on March 8, March 15, the General Strike of April 28, and Occupy Brasilia on May 24. As a result of a wide debate with the population, and of the demonstrations, we were able to stop the approval of the Social Security reform and we had an initial victory on the Labor reform, forcing its re-vote on the CAS (Senate Economic Affairs Commission).

But the reforms are not over yet, and thus we will continue to struggle.

In this context, the Federations, gathered today, call all the workers’ bodies to build the General Strike on June 30, and the following struggle agenda:

-June 27: Hearing of the Presidents of the Federations in the Senate;

-June 27 to 29: activities at the airports, Senators’ bases and the Federal Senate;

-June 30: Let’s stop Brazil against the Labor reform, in defense of our rights and retirements.

-During the voting day of the Labor reform at the Senate: demonstration to Brasilia.

We are convinced that the unity of action is vital in union struggles, especially in this moment we are going through.

CGTB – Central Geral dos Trabalhadores do Brasil

CSB – Central dos Sindicatos Brasileiros

CSP-Conlutas – Central Sindical e Popular

CTB – Central dos Trabalhadores e das Trabalhadoras do Brasil

CUT – Central Única dos Trabalhares

Força Sindical

Intersindical – Central da Classe Trabalhadora

NCST – Nova Central Sindical de Trabalhadores

UGT – União Geral dos Trabalhadores