Sat Feb 24, 2024
February 24, 2024

Brazil: the Tasks for the Next Period among Rank and File Workers

Read the editorial of Socialist Opinion (Opinião Socialista) nº 563
Bankers, great entrepreneurs and farmers demand great attacks against our rights from the new government, whichever is elected. The attack will begin by the Pensions Reform.
By Editorial Committee
The Bolsonaro Project will also violently attack democratic freedoms and impose repression on oppressed sectors and workers’ struggles. Many workers, however, rightfully outraged with the PT and the establishment are going to vote for him, believing he is honest and will guarantee security.
It is necessary to dialogue with these workers to say we oppose both candidates because if elected they will equally attack our pensions and living conditions. We respect your standing and you are right to be outraged with the PT administrations. So are we. We were opposition to the PT administrations and in the dispute between Aécio and Dilma, we called a null vote, just as we stand for “Out with all” and “Out with Temer”.
We stand for a worker and social rebellion as the only way to change the country. In all, in the second round, voting for Bolsonaro is like shooting ourselves in the foot. Besides having corrupt allies and posing to end our rights, he stands for repression against the workers’ struggles. He stands for a dictatorship project that may end freedom of speech, of disagreeing and fighting. We need to defeat whichever government that comes with struggle, but at this time, it is necessary to vote against Bolsonaro so we may have the freedom to face Haddad. For this, in the second round, we must vote 13 against Bolsonaro, without giving any support to the PT.
We must tell the workers that independent of the standing or the candidate that each defends, it is necessary to take on a compromise of unity among all in the factories or work places. Whoever wins, we must be united and we must prepare a united struggle. A struggle in defense of pensions, against any pensions reform or attack to the Christmas bonus, in favor of revoking the labor reform and the outsourcing laws, and in defense of democratic rights, the right to strike, to free speech, of organization and of opposing governments. In defense of women’s, blacks’ and LGBTs’ right to fight, to pose their opinions and stand against any violence. In occupations, in the periphery and the youth we must build committees against Bolsonaro.
The class will react against the attacks that will come and it needs to be organized in the rank and file. It is necessary to propose a united front to the existing organizations and demand they prepare the fight.
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