Sun May 19, 2024
May 19, 2024

Donald Trump, Merkel and the G-20 arrive on November 30: an International Meeting prepares mobilizations against them

Last August 30 and September 1, in the School of Social Sciences, an International Meeting took place in rejection to the presidential Summit of the G 20 in Costa Salguero next November 30 and December 1.
By PSTU-Argentina
Different local organizations participated in the meeting, like CTA Autónoma, ATE, Barrios de Pie, CTEP, FOL, FPDS, and ATTACK. Among the political organizations present, there were Unidad Popular, MST, PCR and the PSTU, with the highlight of a delegation from CSP CONLUTAS, Brazil.
The meeting discussed several subjects and it worked in commissions. Essentially, it posed the task of carrying out a unitary and massive demonstration. Besides this, to work for a week of action, and the realization of a “People’s Summit”.
Knowing that not all the organizations were present, the meeting named itself Confluence against the G 20 and the IMF. It set the objective to achieve through all efforts the broadest unity possible.
Forging Unity with the Continental Day
In this framework, on Tuesday 11, a Press Conference took place. Just as a meeting with the Continental Day for Democracy and against Neoliberalism, with the participation of the CUT from Brazil, Friends of the Earth from Uruguay, ALBA, and CGT, CTA of the workers, CTERA and CTA autonomous from Argentina, just as the other organizations that make up the Confluence.
Based on the meeting of September 1 and the proposed actions, there was an agreement of both meetings on unitary mobilization for Friday, November 30 in Argentina, and to push actions in the different countries rejecting G 20. As well as a broad international calling for different organizations to join.
Before the capitalist attacks, when the IMF and the imperialist countries oppress us, a great movement develops in Argentina. The worker federations, social movements and mainly international worker delegations will be present in the streets of Buenos Aires fighting the G20. We will not stand still, let us organize to let the masters of the world know we workers are resisting.

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