A popular uprising started against the increase of the fuel and carburant, against the decrease of the living standards was realized yesterday. It begins slowly this morning. The movement of the large sectors of the masses occurred without any political or syndical or similar organization but only the link of social Medias, like Facebook…
By Adem Topal

Coming with all power in hand, President Macron acted to apply hard neo-liberal policies against the workers and exploited masses, in May 2018. Actually he has only the favor of the 24 % the French people according to public inquiries institutes.
Yesterday morning through France this uprising, called “gilet Jaune”- YELLOW VEST, the masses had begun to demonstrate in the streets, in the high ways and formed over 4000 points of meeting and resistance in all France, with the slogans of their discontents of the price increases, the tax of the fuel and the carburant.

This mobilization of the masses was and is a complete spontaneous movement. Yesterday afternoon left parties and organization began to support the movement of the mass, they expressed their solidarities.

The masses had cried: MACRON resigns!!! Stop the taxes, for a better live, increase of wage … arising of the living condition.

This morning the mass movement started to act and, they formed over 500 resistant and blocking points according to the TVs and news papers. Since yesterday morning there are over 500 wounded people, one dead, and 218 people in custody by police.