Wed Jul 24, 2024
July 24, 2024

Convoy to take delegation of workers to Ukraine

Between April and May, the Workers Convoy to Ukraine of the International Trade Union Network of Solidarity and Struggles will strengthen class resistance in the country against the Russian invasion.
By: CSP-Conlutas
The initiative aims to carry forward our class support in a closer and more concrete way, with representations of the entities that make up the Network, among them, the CSP-Conlutas.
There is still no exact date, but the idea is to take advantage of the presence of militants from various countries gathered at the 4th Meeting of the Network, in Dijon, France, and to continue on to Ukraine around April 25 and 27, and return eight or ten days later, around May 1st.

The decision to send an international delegation to the country was made after many conversations with trade unions and activists from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, and is only possible because several organizations that are part of the Network have been actively involved since the beginning of the attacks on February 24th in the defense of Ukraine against the Russian invasion.
Active solidarity is necessary
As the People’s Central, Union Center and co-founder of the Network, we join the Workers Convoy with the certainty that we must embrace the internationalist class struggle, supporting workers facing Putin’s harsh military offensive.
In conversations with Ukrainian trade union activists and those from neighboring countries, much was said about the logistical difficulties in this tough period of confrontation with the Russian army and we were attentive to hear what were the most urgent needs of those who stayed in the country by choice or by the imposition of war.
According to accounts from those who remain in Ukraine, urgent items are for adults, but much is needed also for people of other age groups, such as food for babies and toys.
Many women remain in the country because they decided not to abandon their partners or take care of elderly people or children who stayed behind. They are mothers, sisters and daughters who survive with difficulty in conditions of scarcity in the distribution of food, medicine, water, energy and gas.
It is in this alarming context that we need to go further and affirm solidarity with the working class, people like you, who with few resources seek to maintain firm resistance against the invaders.
How to support financially
The French trade union center Solidaires, another co-founder of the Network, will finance the logistics of donations, which will be purchased in accordance with the orientation on the needs of the Ukrainian working class.
Inside the country, the convoy will personally meet the trade union contacts, and the actions will be organized in the best way.
The transfer can be made directly to Solidaires, using the following information:
FR12 2004 1000 0127 9649 6A02 006 – PSSTFRPPPAR. Financial Center: La Banque Postale Paris
The amounts received will be reported, as well as all the work that is executed by the Workers Convoy.
Our flags

  • For Putin’s military defeat in Ukraine! Support for the armed and unarmed resistance of the Ukrainian people!
  • For self-determination of the Ukrainian people and for a Ukraine free from the grip of Russia, NATO and the U.S. and European imperialists! For a free and sovereign Ukraine for the working class!
  • End NATO! Out with U.S. troops and bases in Western and Eastern European countries! Against the nuclear threat! We stand for nuclear disarmament worldwide!
  • International solidarity with anti-war and pro-democracy movements in Russia! Freedom for anti-war political prisoners in Russia!
  • An end to foreign debts and the clutches of the IMF!
  • For a non-discriminatory reception of all refugees from Ukraine and other places in Africa and Asia who also suffer from conflicts created by the imperialist countries!

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