CSP-Conlutas’ delegation takes part in Trade Union congress held in France, read the report.

As part of the Congress of the French Federation of Trade Unions “Union Syndical Solidaires” held in Paris, a significant meeting brought together trade unions and popular organizations from different countries, on Wednesday morning, June 8th.

The meeting achieved two goals: first, to exchange information and experiences among different organizations and second, to seek for progress in coordinating the activities of the involved sectors.

The meeting discussions have led us to a sound analysis on the workers’ mobilizations against employers and governments which have been taking place in several countries. They also provided us information on the achievements of the Arab revolution.

In order to continue the exchange among these organizations and advance the accomplishment of joint actions, it was set to hold a workshop during the meeting of the European alternative trade unions next September. Unions of other continents are entitled to participate in it. A joint call has been prepared to be submitted to the approval of the participating unions.

Finally, it was decided to hold an International Conference, during the next Congress of the CSP-Conlutas in Brazil in the first half of 2012.

The meeting included leaders of trade unions and popular organizations from Spain, Catalonia, Italy, Germany, Poland, Argentina, Senegal, Tunisia, Algeria, Iran and Egypt, besides the French hosts and our delegation.

CSP-Conlutas in the Congress

All organizations participating in the Congress were allowed to introduce themselves, showing their positions, reporting their struggles and their countries’ situation.

Dirceu Travesso, Didi, from the National Executive Secretariat of CSP-Conlutas, spoke on behalf of the Brazilian delegation at the end of Thursday morning, June 9.

Didi highlighted the Brazilian current political scenario, the occurrence of several major strikes and protest demonstrations, the need of workers’ international unity in order to face Capital, its agents and governments.

Later, Christian Mayeux, of SUD Rail (rail workers) and co-responsible for the international work of Solidaires, saluted the international delegations and spread emotion throughout the Congress.

Cléber, Zé Batista, Cacau and Didi