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May 21, 2024

Conference and Rally of RYWA and JKNSF


 Saturday,February 13, 2016 – the Rally of Revolutionary youth and workers alliance (RYWA) and JKNSF marched from Murree road to Rawalpindi Press club, in which hundred of workers and students activists participated from Pakistan and Kashmir.

All comrades were chanting slogans: down with IMF and World Bank policies; down with privatization ministry and commission; no to privatization; yes to nationalization under workers’ control; no to cuts on education, health and food; stop the criminalization in social movements; “Inqlab, inqlab, Socialist inqlab” (Revolution! Revolution! Socialist revolution!); rise up for socialism and thousands of more slogans against IMF, imperialism and in favor of working class struggle and socialism. After entering to hall, comrade Mudassir held stage to welcome all comrades for participating in rally and conference.


The conference Agenda was Capitalist barbarism or Socialism; the speakers were comrade Agha Sittar (RYWA), Comrade Atif, Comrade Tamoor (JKNSF), C.Sabir Ali Haider, C. Usman (Pakistan NSF), C. Adil, organizer (JKNAP), labour wing; C.Qazi Naeem, Adv. Leader (Pakistan Labour Front); C. Waleed (JKpnp), C. Mazhar (JKLF), Tariq Aziz (SLF), gave their speeches agaisnt capitalist barbarism.

In their speeches, they strongly condemned the IMF policies imposed on working class via present government, where current issue of privatization is discussed, that Nawaz government openly accepted we have two plans to come out from crisis: one to impose taxes on masses, and second to sale out public sectors to private corporations. How shame full for ruling class, that it shows that this state is just a sting puppet to work for private corporations and their paramount powers. The world crisis is one side crisis of smashing and snatching capital on name of non -issues, like “war against terrorism”, etc., which splits the mass movement due to lack of revolutionary leadership everywhere. All Labour leaders, social democracy and so-called ‘left’ have compromised and slandered to imperialism, nationally and internationally.


At the end, Comrade Sajid summed up the debate to focus on the question of revolutionary leadership, which can be built up from revolutionary youth, labours and farmers who have challenged bourgeoisie and feudalism in Pakistan; everywhere society shows unrest and working class movements, which are defrauding by opportunist degenerate leadership, as it has done in Pakistan International Airline (PIA), where one side Government used it packet union (air league) and (PALPA) pilots Association leadership to break the strike, and second side, exploited workers and regional leadership to lodge (FIR’S) along with the so-called 1952’s Essential Services Act, which brought JOINT ACTION COMMITTEE white collar leaders to slander, where Chairman (JAC) Sohail Baloch announced to finish 8 days shut down.      

This has happened because the strike did not spread in other public sectors due to revolutionary leadership; comrades everywhere this society has rotten to stink, which is unbearable for our class. That is why, being revolutionaries, it is more important to buildup revolutionary leadership to save the class. It is just socialism which can give prosperous environment to existence of humanity. Long live socialism, long live internationalism.


At the end, Resolutions are being signed by every member of conference. 



  1. All basic rights and necessities must be given to every citizen on equal bases without any cast or religious discrimination.
  2. Every person should have have social, political, economical and religious rights.
  3. All religious sectarianism, terrorism and racism must be discouraged.
  4. Every person has right for “freedom of speech”.  
  5. People must be given right to elect representative and call back.
  6. Down with Privatize ministry and commission.
  7. Women should give equal rights/chances as men are having, we should fight  against division among males and females.
  8. State does conserve the rights of Minorities and they must represent state institutions as like Muslims.
  9. Both countries, Pakistan and India, do call back their forces from Kashmir, and defense budgets must be spent on basic necessities of their masses (like education, health, food, shelter, culture).
  10. Kashmir issue must be solve by Kashmiries.
  11. Do encourage cottage industries to creates jobs for youth.
  12. All resources of Balochistan must be utilized by Balochistan masses.
  13. All Favoritism must be ended and bring to equal salaries.
  14. Every child must be given scholarship by state to newborn child to 18 years, after this assure him to have a job. 
  15. State machinery must be simple and no restriction outside offices. 
  16. All public sectors must be given in workers self management.
  17. We will fight against capitalism for workers state with international solidarity.
  18. Gilgit Baltistan leadership must include in c. pack with China and Pakistan . 
  19. We all are convinced that capitalism can not give any peace to human existence except unemployment, poverty, exploitation and wars. That is why we fight for socialism.
  20. Our struggle is for one working class’ revolutionary party, which will discourage all social-democratic trends and so-called ‘revolutionaries’, etc.
  21. We understood that capitalism is fistula in world which can not give any prosperity or development, just one absolvitor from capitalism is youth, workers and farmer alliance, which should organize in revolutionary party.

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