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September 26, 2023

President Bolsonaro’s Foreign Policies

Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro is scheduled to make three international trips. On March 17-19 he visited the U.S. On March 21-23 it was Chile. On March 31 he will go to Occupied Palestine to meet Zionists.

By CSP-Conlutas Media Workgroup

In America, Bolsonaro bent before all Trump’s demands without any compensation.
Bolsonaro stood by Trump in his efforts against China and Venezuela despite of opposition at home from agribusiness and the military respectively.

All agreements between the two countries were for the benefit of the United States.
Brazilian authorities decided to exempt American, Canadian, Japanese and Australian citizens from VISA requirements without any reciprocity from America. Brazil will loose R$ 60 million (around US$ 16 million) in VISA fees every year. President Bolsonaro agreed that America should not follow suit as ‘Brazilians have no good intentions” when travelling to the U.S. Bolsonaro also took a stand in favor of the wall on the Mexican-American border.

Another controversial decision was to hand over Alcantara launch center for American companies. Alcantara is a base for rocket launching in the northeast of Brazil whose location is the best in the world to place rockets in outer space due to its proximity to Equator line.

Trump offered Bolsonaro to have Brazil admitted to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in exchange for Brazil giving up favored conditions in the World Trade Organization (WTO) for its “Country in Development” status. These WTO favored conditions are critical for Brazilian agribusiness.

Brazil also agreed to exempt tariffs from 750 tons of U.S. wheat exports to Brazil reversing Brazilian long stand against American subsidies to agriculture. That decision strongly affects Argentinian economy which is the main provider of wheat for Brazil.
At last Trump offered to provide Brazil with the status as a Major Non-NATO Ally (MNNA). Argentina has been granted this same status for 20 years for no benefit.

Bolsonaro also held some side meetings with fake news king Steve Bannon and with torture supporter and CIA boss Gina Cherie Haspel.


In Chile, Bolsonaro met other conservative South American leaders to launch a new regional association called PRO-SUL. Brazil is already member of 7 regional associations of the same kind. None of them has been able to safeguard Brazilian sovereignty vis-à-vis American imperialism.


At last, Bolsonaro will go to Occupied Palestine on March 31. Recently Brazil voted against Palestinian human rights in the U.N. Despite of Bolsonaro’s efforts to relocate Brazilian embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, economic interests coming from meat exporters to Arab countries prevented, up to now, his administration from taking that move. Nevertheless no human rights-loving people should have any expectations from Bolsonaro administration.

Losses in Public Support

The only good news coming from Bolsonaro are the opinion polls. He lost 31% of public support in less than 3 months in office. Primarily the poor and the working classes are moving away from supporting his administration.

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