Federations summon seminar for November 12

By: CSP-Conlutas, Brazil

Actions of confrontation against the Pensions reform and unity on this agenda were the two agreements in the labor federations’ meeting this Thursday (11/1) in the Dieese headquarters (Inter-union Department of Statistics and Social-economic Research), in Sao Paulo.

The labor federations CSP-Conlutas, Força Sindical, CSB, CTB, CUT, Intersindical, and Nova Central met and defined actions to prepare a struggle in defense of pensions.

Member of the National Executive Board of the CSP Conlutas, Luis Carlos Prates, aka. Mancha, highlighted that stopping this reform interests the entire working class.

“It is a proposal that attacks the rights of workers, it sets a minimum age for all, even for women, which separates minimum wage from this benefit, reaching 70% of minimum wage, and through the capitalization system, it hands over retirements to the banks,” he stated.

As part of the actions of resistance, a seminar to organize a strong campaign in defense of the Pensions will take place on November 12.

Check out the unitary statement of the Federations with the adopted agreements:

Sao Paulo, November 1, 2018

Gathered today, November 1, in the DIEESE headquarter in Sao Paulo, the labor federations CSB, CSP-Conlutas, CTB, CUT, Força Sindical, Intersindical, and Nova Central, decided:

  • To intensify the struggle against the proposal of reform of the Social Pensions, recently disseminated by the communication means;
  • To organize the labor movement and the social sectors to clarify and alert society on the proposal about the end of retirements;
  • To carry out a seminar on November 12, to begin the organization of the national campaign about the Pensions we want;
  • To retake the struggle for public, universal Pensions that end all privileges and broadens social protection and rights.