CSP-Conlutas national coordination met on August 17-19, 2018.

Fabio Bosco From Sao Paulo.

255 people attended the meeting (147 delegates from 110 labor organizations and social movements plus 104 observers).
One of the main debates was about the national elections and the participation of the working class. Three different positions were presented: support for PSTU (Unified Socialist Workers Party) and its programme, support for PSOL (Socialism and Freedom Party) and no workers’ participation in the elections.

The resolution passed recognizes that the emancipation of workers will be the task of workers themselves by their direct action not through parliamentary elections. Furthermore It rejects all bourgeois alternatives.

Regarding the workers party (PT) and the communist party of Brazil (PCdoB), the resolution understands that they do not represent the interests of the working classes due to their partnership with banks and big businesses.

Finally the resolution defines a set of working class demands to be presented to the workers and to the leftwing candidates who are standing to the left of the workers party (PT).