The PSTU will gather its members and adopt a standing on the vote in the second round in the following days

The PSTU carried out a politically victorious campaign in these elections. Vera and Hertz, a worker, black and socialist alternative was the only one standing for a socialist revolution. A campaign in the factories, peripheries, occupations, and work places that denounced the farce of elections, and called workers and poor people to carry out a rebellion because this is the only way to truly change our lives.

By: PSTU Brazil

We were not alone in this task. Our campaign had active support from workers, teachers, drivers, black and women’s movements activists and leaders. The call for a rebellion was a significant support to organize the struggle of our class. We denounce the detrimental role fulfilled by the so-called public debt and the handing over of our remaining sovereignty to imperialism, foreign bankers and multinationals.

We faced the anti-democratic rules of this electoral system, economic power and the main candidates financed by bankers, agribusiness and great entrepreneurs. We only had five seconds on TV and we were kept from the debates. Despite all this, the call for a rebellion and a socialist project reached our class. Throughout the campaign, we found a much superior political space than the actual votes we obtained in the ballots, greatly due to the pressure of the “useful vote” in the end.

The result of elections in this first round verifies what the polls pointed: a confrontation between the PT (Workers’ Party) candidate, Fernando Haddad, and Jair Bolsonaro, of the PSL (Social Liberal Party). This election reflects with much distortion the crisis of the regime, the wear of the institutions and a broad rejection of all there is. A right-wing populist with a project to rule with the militaries capitalized it. For the first time, rejection to both candidates in the second round overcomes the voting each obtained. There was mainly a punishment voting against the PT.

The bourgeoisie continues divided in the midst of this deep economic, social and political crisis. The next government, which ever it may be, will attack our class. It will attempt, each candidate in its style, to implement a pensions reform and deepen the attack on labor rights. It will deepen the fiscal adjustment and privatizations. It will advance in the re-colonization and handing over of our country.

Haddad represents the same class conciliation project of the PT administrations that led to the current situation. Although the Lula administration managed in a certain point to ensure some concessions for workers and the poor people when there was economic growth, this project in a time of crisis will only guarantee more attacks on our class. He is allied with bourgeois politicians and has already compromised with the market’s interests.

Bolsonaro, on the other hand, expresses the right wing of the regime crisis. He appeared as an outsider, although he has always made part of the system. He occupied the PSDB (Brazilian Social Democracy Party)’s electoral space and he capitalized part of the break with the PT. The punishment voting against the PT went to him, as it happened in the 2016 municipal elections with João Dória (PSDB).

Bolsonaro’s economic policy represents an extreme-liberal project and he gathered the support of an important sector of the financial system, as well as the bourgeoisie. However, most people who voted for him do not know his project, despite the speech of his vice-president Mourão, who stands for the end of the Christmas and vacations bonuses.

Bolsonaro himself is an enemy of rights, he voted in favor of the labor reform, in favor of outsourcing and against the rights of domestic employees. Furthermore, he is the most brute and cruel expression of a bourgeoisie in favor of slavery, in service of imperialism, male chauvinistic, racist and LGBTphobic.

Even worse, he stands for a dictatorship, for the end of democratic freedoms and political closure in a regime level. Most who voted for him do not stand for dictatorship. They believe he will solve the country’s issues of corrupt politicians. However, Bolsonaro not only pushes extreme-right groups, he intends to bring the Armed Forces to the government, he stands for dictatorship and torture, and he does not rule out a coup d’état on himself.

We are going to a period of deep instability, on one hand, and of deepening of attacks on the other.  Political and social polarization will deepen. Nonetheless, the working class is not defeated and is willing to fight.

The need of a United Front to fight is posed in the agenda, to defeat any attempt of attacking our democratic freedoms and rights. It is necessary to discuss the need of a General Strike and to organize it against unemployment, the attack on pensions and against social barbarism.

The PSTU will gather its members in the next days to decide collectively its standing on the vote orientation in the second turn, clarifying beforehand that we will not give our political support on any candidate.

More than ever, we need to organize the working class, the poor people, and black youth in the peripheries, women, the natives, and the LGBTs to fight and defeat these projects and to change the country. To defeat social war and barbarism, unemployment, and the threat against our pensions. And to defeat the extreme right that threatens the movement with its defense of dictatorship throughout the country.