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June 14, 2024

Bolsonaro and the Murder of Marielle and Anderson: To Find Out Now!

On Tuesday, 29, the Jornal Nacional (JN)[1] revealed very serious details about the executions of the councilwoman Marielle Franco (PSOL-Rio) and her driver Anderson Gomes, in March 2018, a crime not yet elucidated by the police. For the first time, President Jair Bolsonaro is directly involved in the case.

By PSTU Brazil

According to the JN, the entrance records of the condo Vivendas da Barra, where Bolsonaro lives, shows that the former policeman Élcio de Queiroz, the driver for Ronnie Lessa, the man who shot Marielle, had been there on March 14 a couple of hours before the murders had happened. Lessa used to live in the same condo at the time. According to the doorman’s statement to the police, Élcio warned that he would go to house 58, owned by Bolsonaro. As he called the house, the doorman heard “Mr. Jair’s voice” authorizing the entry.

After entering the condo, however, Élcio went to Lessa’s house, number 66. The doorman called again the house 58, and the same voice he had identified as “Mr. Jair” would have said he knew where the ex-cop was going to.

Also, according to the report, the Rio de Janeiro public ministry took the Bolsonaro’s involvement denunciation to the president of the Supreme Court (STF), Dias Toffoli, on last October 17, asking whether the investigations could continue. There is no answer yet.

Queiroz, the militias, Bolsonaro and Marielle

It is unacceptable that this double political assassination has not yet been resolved. The appearance of the President’s name in the investigation, now, is in itself a very serious fact. Especially when the charges of corruption against Fabrício Queiroz have been shelved and swept under the carpet. Fabrício is a family friend and former aide to the then-state legislator Flavio Bolsonaro [Jair Bolsonaro’s son], who everyone knows to be involved with the militias[2]. And the involvement of the militias with the murder of Marielle and Anderson.

Even though the JN story found that Jair Bolsonaro was in Brasilia on the day of the murder it’s needed to know who spoke to the doorman from the President’s house.

From Saudi Arabia, Bolsonaro delivered a live statement defending himself from the accusations. Deeply exalted, Bolsonaro complained about the leaking of the investigation, which runs secretly in court, to the Globo TV Network, attacked Governor Witzel, who was considered responsible for the leak, and the press. He repeated his tactic of pretending to be a victim and trying to divert the subject whenever a scandal with his name appears.

If it is already scandalous that the murder of Marielle and Anderson, a year and a half later, is still unresolved, now the direct involvement of President Bolsonaro’s name in the investigation makes the case even more serious. It cannot stop here and be hushed up.

We cannot tolerate one more day without the murder of Marielle and Anderson being elucidated. And the investigations into Queiroz’s activities, his relations with the militias and the Bolsonaro family must set the record straight.

Minister Dias Toffoli cannot repeat his deal with Bolsonaro to protect Senator Flavio Bolsonaro and hush up the Queiroz scandal. The Supreme Court must allow the investigations to continue. And that the investigations on Queiroz be resumed.

This crime must be ascertained, and all involved and their heads exemplarily punished.

[1] The main Brazilian daily TV news show.

[2] The militias are paramilitary groups that control large regions in the Rio de Janeiro favelas, acting as drug dealers and selling protection to small businesses.

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