"National Day of Mobilization and Struggle for Jobs and Guarantee of Rights".

Brazilian workers have been suffering serious attacks to their rights, salaries and jobs. Temer’s government wants to implement and deepen projects Dilma could not. Those are projects supported by the National Congress, businessmen, bankers and the agro-business. This is the way they found to charge the crisis onto the workers’ shoulders. It is enough to take a look at the unemployment rate, reaching already 12 million people in the country.

By CSP-Conlutas.


This is why, to defeat projects as the Labour reform, outsourcing, privatizations, reform of pensions and Bills such as PLP 257[1] and PEC 241[2], to unite and struggle becomes urgent.

In defense of jobs and rights

In the National Meeting of Workers for Jobs and Guarantee of Rights, which took place on July 27, in São Paulo, the CSP-Conlutas, represented by Atnágoras Lopes, member of the National Executive Board, defended unity of action to confront Temer’s government’s attacks, to organize wage campaigns and to build a General Strike. “Because on one side there is the interest of our class, and on the other there is the interest of the bosses, the bourgeoisie and the imperialism; (…) let us make August 16 a point of support for the construction of a great General Strike in Brazil to confront and bring down any government that attacks our rights”, he stated.

In this meeting, the trade-union federations CSP-Conlutas, CUT, Força Sindical, YGT, CTB, Nova Central CSB and CGTB defined August 16 as a National Day of Mobilization and Struggle for Jobs and Guarantee of Rights.

Several demonstrations will take place all over the country. In São Paulo, a unified concentration will occur in front of the Fiesp, in Paulista Avenue, at 10 am.

To the CSP-Conlutas, this is a first step towards the construction of a great General Strike in the country. The demonstrations, stoppages and protests must point to the workers we need to strengthen the unity and struggle more to defeat the project of Temer’s government, and to bring the government down.

But, unlike other federations, such as CUT and CTB, the CSP-Conlutas want to overthrow Temer but does not want Dilma to come back, as we understand she started implementing the plans now Temer tries to deepen.

Towards a General Strike to defeat the adjustment and bring Temer and all the corrupt ones down!



[1] Bill Project to reform of the Fiscal Responsibility Law. It refinances the debt of the states to the Nation. It proposes a series of measures to deepen the restrictions for financial help to public states and municipal workers.

[2] Modification of the Constitution to limit the public expenses, through the cut of rights guaranteed.


Originally published @ cspconlutas.org.br

Translation: Sofía Ballack.