The terrorist group Boko Haram suffered two defeats over the last weeks. A detachment of the terrorist group tried to take control of the Attagara and Kawuri villas, in north Nigeria.

But the group was surprised by a detachment of women on arms who immediately expelled them.

According the Nigerian Press, the villas resisted thanks to the power of the magic talismans, and “also the weapons, of course”.

The Boko Haram is a terrorist group that predicates Islamic Fundamentalism over the base of violence. It is an organization linked to the Islamic State (ISIS) that already performed a series of massacres and attacks over the country. The most emblematic one was the kidnap of 300 women to turn them into sexual slaves.

Now, after this defeat, they will have to think twice before attacking. After all, the example of the armed women travels the country.

Translation: Sofía Ballack.

Originally published in Opinião Socialista n.° 517, May 19th, 2016.-