Fri Jun 14, 2024
June 14, 2024

Argentina: No Peace! The Fight Against the New Government Starts Now

Javier Milei won the presidential elections in Argentina by a wide margin, and will be the new President. We already know his anti-worker program, which is now supported by Mauricio Macri, who declared that the failure of his government was due to its “gradualism,” or of not having carried out the reforms against the people quickly enough.

By PSTU-Argentina

In his first speech, Milei made clear that he will immediately advance in his plans against the working class, and for the country’s submission to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the U.S., for the abandonment of the Malvinas cause, and he will mobilize against all workers’, minorities’ and women’s rights. He also plans to thoroughly defend capitalist “private property.” His future Cabinet expresses just that.

We have to prepare ourselves for a brutal and swift attack. The libertarian will try to show himself as reliable to imperialism and the big bosses who doubt his capacity to govern.

We have to confront him from day one with workers and popular unity in the streets, factories, workplaces, schools, and neighborhoods,.

There can be no “peace” nor a day of waiting. We will pay dearly for any delay in organizing the resistance.

The CGT, unions, and social organizations should immediately show their willingness to not allow any step backwards. It is their duty.

But we do not trust them to do so. Just as they allowed Macri’s disasters at the time, or with Menem in the 1990s, they will be worried about achieving “dialogue” with the new President.

We demand that they immediately call for a plan of struggle against any anti-worker measures, and against any attempts at repression on the part of this new government, which admires the military dictatorship. It proposes privatizations, cuts in public spending, the liquidation of public education, healthcare, and the sciences. In short, their plan is complete submission to the IMF.

We have to organize this resistance from below, from the working and popular bases, the only ones with the capacity to face what is coming.

Peronism showed its impotence

Sergio Massa was unable to recover. This is the result of the disastrous governments that Peronism carried out together with Alberto and Cristina Fernandez. Milei’s victory can only be explained by the majority of the population’s anger and weariness with the last governments.

The fact is that Peronism and its different wings are all at the service of the different business sectors, and with the complicity of the union leaders who follow them. It has neither the conviction nor the strength to confront the “right wing.”

That this anger has been capitalized on by a variant of the “anti-system” far right, should make the left forces reflect, since they did not know how to channel even a part of this anger.

Not even one day of peace

From the PSTU, we call on the working class and people to confront the coming attacks without waiting for the leaders to do so.

We call on those who voted for Massa without conviction to block and fight Milei’s triumph. We also call on the many workers who voted for Milei out of anger at the current government.

Sooner rather than later, Milei will show his submission to the IMF and the multinationals, to U.S. power and the businessmen, as well as his measures against the most elementary social rights and democratic freedoms. We, the workers and poor people, will be the ones who suffer, no matter who we voted for.

We have to achieve the greatest unity to face the coming attacks. Our first step is to build a new revolutionary workers’ and popular project that confronts and expropriates the big capitalists, and that expropriates the multinationals that plunder our resources and destroy the environment. We must stop paying the fraudulent internal and external public debt and instead put all of these resources at the service of the needs of the people, and put an end to inflation. That is, we need a project that promotes the real change we need: a workers’ and socialist revolution that brings the working class to power and begins the road to socialism.

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