Wed Jun 07, 2023
June 07, 2023

Argentina: Before prosecution with preventive prison, let us strengthen the campaign. Freedom for Daniel Ruiz, NOW!

On September 26, Judge Sergio Torres prosecuted our comrade Daniel Ruiz with preventive prison. This means that Torres wants Daniel to remain imprisoned in Marcos Paz while he determines whether he is guilty for something.
By: PSTU Argentina
Judge Torres, an Executioner in Service of Macri
As the judgment reads, Sergio Torres resolved “without need of certainty” … because “prosecution requires only elements of conviction”. In other words, he is not certain if Daniel is guilty of something. However, he leaves him imprisoned based on his conviction, which is only that of the executioner of the government, the IMF and the G20.
He is prosecuting Daniel for “Public intimation and aggravated attempt against authority”, based on a video that shows Daniel shooting in the air a rocket tied to a stick.
Since this does not suffice to hold him in prison, he quoted the testimony of the police officers who repressed us with sticks, rubber bullets and gases. The same ones that ran over a cardboard collector and drew the eyes out from five others. This is the word that is valid for Torres, that of the repressors. The Judge is acting so absurdly that this same police is taking care of the research of the facts that happened on December 18.
He also uses the statement of the “Public prosecutor”. Dr. Amador made a statement demonizing thousands of demonstrators, but he does not say a word on Daniel Ruiz. Even so, the Judge uses what Amador says to argue that Daniel must remain imprisoned.
Besides, the Judge says that, “It would be unrealistic, at this point, to deny the relation of Ruiz and Sebastian Rodrigo Romero”. In other words, he keeps Daniel imprisoned because he belongs to the same political party as Sebastian Romero.
The resolution by Judge Torres has no serious legal basis. It is a political statement against the most basic democratic rights, and he keeps Daniel Ruiz as a political prisoner of this administration.
For this, we demand his renunciation.
Bullrich wants to expose Daniel as a War Trophy
A day before Daniel’s statement, Minister Bullrich published a photo of Daniel in social networks, celebrating he had been imprisoned. Bullrich should be imprisoned for killing Santiago Maldonado and Rafael Nahuel. However, since justice works in service of the government, the Minister is loose hunting down workers to continue applying the cuts in service of the IMF and the G20.
Daniel’s Statement
In his statement before the Judge, Daniel explained that on December 18 he was in the Plaza of the Two Congresses defending the retired because “they were the ones who taught me how to work, so that I would not get hurt with the equipment in the oil towers. When the pensions’ reform was announced… I felt the compromise to mobilize.”
That is Daniel Ruiz, our co-worker and friend. An oil worker that worked his entire life, a fighter, a beloved brother to all who know him.
Let Us Strengthen the Campaign for the Freedom for Daniel and All imprisoned for fighting
Today, he is imprisoned due to a government’s decision. Just as Milagro Sala and Facundo Jones Huala. They want us to be scared so they want to set on Daniel an exemplary punishment for the hundreds of thousands who want Macri out.
But they will not stop us. The bars in Marcos Paz cannot stop the fight of a people against hunger and misery.
We call on all human rights organizations, political, social and labor organizations to strengthen the enormous national and international solidarity that Daniel is receiving.
We will appeal the Judge’s decision, just as we appealed the rejection to release, which must have an answer by the Federal Chamber of Appeals in the next few days.
However, we have no trust in this justice that leaves dictatorship repressors free and imprisons workers who struggle. Therefore, we will continue to push with strength the broadest campaign possible for the freedom of Daniel Ruiz, Milagro Sala, Facundo Huala and all who are imprisoned for fighting. Against the persecution of Sebastian Romero and to stop prosecution of Cesar Arakaki, Dimas Ponce and all fighters.
From the PSTU, we will continue to fight along those who want out with Macri in the streets, just as we did with de la Rua in 2001. For a workers’ and people’s government, without employers that will imprison all entrepreneurs, politicians, and judges who have profited at the cost of the hunger of the workers and the people.
Let us go on co-workers, the struggle is just beginning, the future is ours.

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