Antoine militant CGT Valenciennes is in custody since 17 May.
He was arrested in Lille during a demonstration against the labor law. Three police officers then arrested by throwing himself violently on him and pinning.

 A policeman accused Antoine of hitting him. Or the people who were with him and testified in favor say it is not so. Antoine had just come demonstrate with his hands the flag CGT.
There is therefore no justification for his arrest.
This arrest is part of a crackdown that affects the whole country; it specifically targets organizations active in the social movement that lasted for three months. The unions are specifically targeted: arrests, police provocation, intrusion of trade union premises, load against picketing, …
The incarceration of Antoine wanted by the authorities is part of a strategy of tension. This is to make an example to scare to deter those who are mobilizing against the Labour Law and more broadly against an order of increasingly unequal and authoritarian down the street.
What is actually criticized Antoine is to be a union activist, libertarian and antifascist particularly active in Valenciennes. Antoine is a victim of the completely arbitrary. Besides the legal consequences, a conviction to imprisonment would have dramatic consequences for this young precarious worker.
Antoine must be judged in Lille Thursday, June 9.
Also the organizations and people signatories to this appeal:
affirm their solidarity with Antoine; call all trade unions, democratic and progressive, local or national, as well as all the people revolted by this situation to support and mobilize Antoine that day; demanding his immediate release and dropping of all charges against him.
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