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May 22, 2024

46 years of waiting for a free and independent Western Sahara

The plight of Western Sahara is a cause that is often portrayed as a nostalgic battle that only romantics insist on defending. However, the situation in the Sahara is the perfect example of institutional passivity in the face of the systematic violation of human rights, starting with the right to self-determination of peoples. Faced with this situation, the Spanish State has an important historical, legal and moral responsibility towards the Sahara, which it has neglected for a long time.
By Corriente Roja (Spanish State)
The atrocities that have been committed for years in the Sahara and against the people of Morocco always relied on the silence and complicity of the various Spanish governments (PP and PSOE). This is not an accident, since the defense of the Moroccan regime has served to guarantee the investments of the Spanish multinationals in Moroccan territory, as well as access to the fishing grounds of Morocco by big fishing companies. Felipe Gonzalez, before being elected president, traveled to the Tindouf camps to assure his support for independence. A promise that he broke as soon as he made it into government. But Pedro Sánchez’s betrayal stands tall on the list of historical infamies. A step, the one that has just been taken, which is a qualitative leap above even international mandates.
Following a letter sent by Pedro Sánchez to the King of Morocco, Mohamed VI, the coalition government announced on March 18 that the former Spanish colony of Western Sahara would eventually become an autonomous region within Morocco, which is the outcome desired by Rabat. However, the Moroccan proposal barely considers the needs of the Sahrawi people, and does not recognize the yearning for independence they claim. A proposal far from the resolutions presented by the United Nations, which for years have called for the organization of a referendum on self-determination for the Saharawi people. In this way, Pedro Sánchez and his government are unequivocally on the side of the Moroccan dictatorship that has been oppressing its people, while stealing the natural resources and crushing the rights of the Sahrawi people. A decision that leaves the inhabitants of the Sahara in the hands of Morocco, which is one of the worst outcomes for the tireless struggle of the Sahrawi people.
Although the government of Pedro Sánchez denies that they have made an about-face regarding the Sahara, taking just 15 minutes in Congress to announce the decision his government had taken, what is clear is that, with this historic change, Pedro Sánchez is looking to reconcile urgently with the government of Morocco. Publicly, we do not know what compensation Spain may obtain for this radical change in its policy towards the Sahara. But we will surely not be far from the truth if we state that behind the Spanish government’s gamble lies the promise of guarantees that Morocco will not cause problems in other very important areas for the Spanish state, such as the anti-terrorism, irregular emigration or territorial integrity, including, of course, Ceuta and Melilla (as well as the territorial sea and the exclusive economic zone of the Canary Islands). The Spanish government, as the faithful guardian of the racist border policy of the European Union on its southern border, subcontracts repressive services to the Moroccan authorities, ignoring the brutal treatment to which migrants trying to reach Europe are subjected by their cronies.
It is true that the new position adopted by Pedro Sánchez has provoked the response of the coalition government’s partners, including Unidas Podemos. The purple coalition has rejected Sánchez’s capitulation to Morocco and continues to demand a referendum for the Sahara. But, however much they “pay lip service” and accuse the PSOE of having perpetrated a betrayal of the Sahrawis, Podemos will not abandon the government coalition, because they believe that they are “a key piece and the only guarantee” to ensure that the Executive continues to make progressive policies. In short, nothing new on the horizon. The fact is that it is not possible to keep one’s word to the Sahrawi people, and at the same time be part of a government that legitimizes their oppression by the Moroccan dictatorship. Enough cynicism!
From Corriente Roja, we show our full support to the struggle of the Sahrawi people, for their self-determination and against Morocco’s aggressions. The self-determination struggle of the Sahrawi people for is a legitimate struggle that all of us who consider ourselves revolutionaries must support.
For the right of self-determination of the peoples!
For a free and independent Western Sahara!
Out with the repressive forces of the Moroccan government!

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