Sat Sep 30, 2023
September 30, 2023

International appeal by Ukrainian mine worker

The IWL-FI, with other political, trade unions and human rights organisations, has been driving an international campaign of solidarity with the Ukrainian resistance, workers and people.
We reproduce below a new appeal from the frontline of the resistance and call to undertake it and redouble the solidarity campaign.
“It is terribly painful for me to write about this. There is a war going on. War of invasion. A war of imperialist aggression. At the moment, the war is taking place on the territory of the state of Ukraine. The invaders speak the same language as us, but they treat us like second-class people.
There are thousands of victims. Hunger threatens. Drinking water is scarce.
Violence by the soldiers of the Russian Federation against the Ukrainian inhabitants is becoming widespread.
Resistance to the aggressor grows.
All the hardships and scarcities of the war have fallen on the shoulders of the working people.
We badly need international support from workers all over the world.
We need weapons, protective equipment, ammunition, medicine.
The miners and metal workers of Kryvyi Rih with weapons in hand will achieve peace and freedom for our families.”
Yuri Petrovich Samoilov, chairman of the Union of Independent Mineworkers of Kryvyi Rih.”

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