Wed May 22, 2024
May 22, 2024

48 h General Strike and Occupy the Streets! Take Temer, the Congress and the Reforms Down!

 Temer said that he will not resign, even when the government is falling apart. Temers recorded conversation with the JBSowner supporting to buy the silence of Eduardo Cunha turned this government into a living dead.
By National Leadership of PSTU – Brazil.
With a popularity rate under the dead volume [4%] after April 28 General Strike, this government is now even weaker, showing we can throw it down, together with all the scammers in the Congress and the bosses’ reforms.
Temer still relies on the “market”: national and international bankers, industries, the Globo Network, all the media and the bourgeois gang in the country, which are nothing but the 1% millionaires that exploit us on a daily basis. They thought Temer would manage, in alliance with the Congress, to approve the reforms that rip out our rights to increase their profits and scams. Just like they supported Dilma when she still had governability to do the exact same thing: end the unemployment insurance and the PIS [Social Integration Plan].
Now that all of it is being questioned, the possibility of Temer taking the approval ahead seems remote, as he lost much of his effective capability to rule. Just like it happened to Dilma back then, they want to choose, through the Congress, another President to guarantee the implementation of the reforms against us.
Temer announced he will not resign; he wants to convince the “market” that he can guarantee the approval. The main bourgeois sectors are apparently evaluating differently, and there is pressure for him to resign coming from several directions. But they defend for another President to be chosen by the Congress, to maintain the current economic team, and to approve the reforms so there is more money to hand over to bankers, the JBS and to all of them.
The first task posed is to throw Temer down, but to avoid for the Congress and the STF [Federal Supreme Court] to be the ones to decide who will govern from now on is not less important. Let’s occupy the streets and make a 48 h General Strike to defeat Temer, all the thieves in the Congress, and the reforms once and for all.
In this regard, it is very important to occupy Brasilia on May 24 to defeat the reforms, the government, and the Congress, but it is necessary for the Federations to accept the CSP-Conlutas proposal and call for a 48 h General Strike and a unified day of action to take millions out to the streets.
It is not Enough to Bring Temer Down: We Need to Bring Down ALL of them and the Reforms!
We will not allow them to “change something so everything remains the same.” We want Temer and ALL of them out! We will not accept a new President elected by this Congress so they can all together resume the approval of the pro-business and corrupts’ reforms. We cannot accept this agreement [acordão, generalized agreement] “above”.
The PT, the PSOL and the REDE [Net], among others, are defending direct elections for President, which keeps this Congress of scammers intact.
We cannot accept the election of a President by the Congress nor for this Congress full of corrupts to stay and keep trying to approve the reforms that end with our rights, like bankers, businessmen, and corrupt ones are ordering, against workers and most of the people. We need to struggle for ALL of them to go down and to withdraw the Social Security and Labor reforms as well as the outsourcing law.
The path to it is to organize committees, to demand the immediate call of a new General Strike, this time for 48 h, and to occupy the streets. On this path, we will also organize and defend workers’ alternatives for this crisis.
We know that the country will not change for real through a democracy-of-the-rich election, which is not really democratic as it is controlled by the economic power. Politicians get elected promising something and then they spend the next four years doing the opposite and ruling for the owners of the system: bankers and big businessmen. It was the banks and big companies that ruled through Dilma (PT) and Temer. So, enough with governments of the big companies and parties that rule for them, like the PSDB and PMDB, but also like the PT.
The true alternative is, through the struggle and unity of the ones below, to conquer the power for workers and the poor people, so we can rule through popular councils, with a true democracy, to implement an economic policy to end exploitation, guaranteeing a society in which a minority of rich and a vast majority of poor does not exist.
We need to build our own alternative.
We will not accept in any way an indirect election for President nor for this Congress to continue in power, as it does not represent us. We will take this government down, and if the power from below is not constructed already, we need to demand general elections now, for all positions: President, Deputies, Senators, etc.
Lets Build a Workers Alternative! Workers and Poor People in Power!
The situation of the Brazilian working class is really difficult, and it worsened under the current capitalist crisis, because to keep and increase the bosses’ profits they impose massive layoffs and wage reduction; and they increase violence against poor, Black youth from the periphery, against the quilombolas and against indigenous peoples; and they want to end the few rights we have conquered.
We need jobs, housing, land, education, health, and rights. We cannot let them end retirement and labor rights and impose the outsourcing law and deepen the social cuts to pay bankers and corrupts.
Workers’ alternative for this crisis is to end exploitation and robbery through the following measures:
-Reduction of work shift without wage reduction, for everyone to have a job; and unemployment insurance for everyone unemployed during the crisis;
-Popular housing, basic sanitation, schools and hospitals construction plan;
-Budget for public health and education and for social security.
To guarantee our demands, it is necessary to confront bankers, multinationals and corrupts, and:
-Stop paying the debt to the bankers, which takes almost half of the country’s income just to enrich a bunch of speculators that charge the highest interest rates in the world;
-Prison and seizure of goods of all the corrupt and corrupting ones. It is not enough to charge a “small fine” and leave all those millionaire thieves with their companies and fortunes to get even richer by stealing public patrimony;
-We defend for all companies involved in corruption to be expropriated, nationalized without compensation, and put under workers’ control. Odebrecht, JBS, J&F, OAS and all other companies, including banks;
-Nationalization of the financial system under workers’ control;
-Nationalization of multinationals and big companies;
-Nationalization of the land under workers’ control, to produce food for people, and agrarian reform.
These measures are possible, but we will be able to change all of this only through a Socialist workers’ government, ruling through popular councils elected in neighborhoods, schools, factories, etc., in which the ones below debate and decide what should be done in the country, instead of the 1% of bosses and this sold-out Congress.
We will not achieve this type of government through elections but only through a unified mobilization. We saw on the General Strike that the working class, students and poor people united have enormous strength: we are the ones that produce everything and make the country run. We do not need the bankers and factory owners nor corrupt politicians elected through this type of election, led by the economic power.

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