Great excitement at the confluence of revolutionary groups

A revolutionary party is born. It was founded in Argentina the PSTU – Unified Socialist Workers Party, as a section of the IWL-FI. An invaluable tool for workers, youth, students and popular sectors.

The unity of those who believe it is possible to build a new revolutionary party in the country occurs based on the solid foundation of its program, aiming at a deeper setting up in the working class; aiming at being internationalist, with a revolutionary morale and a centralized setup in order to fight for the power.

After eleven months of debates, discussions, jointed activities and mutual agreements the merger took place, joining the FOS (Socialist Workers’ Front) and the COI (Internationalist Workers Trend). At the same time our comrades, militants of Dignity of Cordoba Group joined the PSTU, another great triumph.

The PSTU was founded amidst the Arab revolution scenario where the youth and the workers are playing a key role, amidst the workers’ strikes against social adjustments in Europe, the mobilizations in Bolivia – against the populist governments’ policies – and Honduras and the riots in the United States against anti-immigrant laws.

In order to fight and help Argentinean workers and students in their struggles for pay rises, in order to fight against the employers and inflation, in order to fight for more money for Education and Health, against the cuts and government reforms, the PSTU was founded.

We founded PSTU also to count on an electoral alternative and that is why we have integrated the Left and Workers Front, together with the PO, the PTS and IS.We have set the Left Front and joined together with all our strengths to defeat Kirchner administration’s restrictive electoral reform, the Radical Party and the other bourgeois forces, who want to prevent us from voting on fighting workers and rebel students. Their purpose is to prevent the Left from participating in the process and to hinder any working class supporters in the elections.

Our first public appearance will be on May 1st, when we, workers of the world, will unite in the streets to remember our martyrs and make effective the international proletarian solidarity, which drives us ahead even more and fills us with even more responsibility.

The PSTU arises to continue constructing the tendency developed by Nahuel Moreno in Argentina, expanding the tradition he taught us; and as him, following the teachings of Marx, Lenin and Trotsky.

Excited for the fight

“As you taught us, comrade Nahuel …we’ll build the Fourth as you have … to take the power”, chanted the youth, the delegates and the activists who attended the Congress, all of them with joy, excitement and ignited chest.

We were all very excited; there were many tears and endless tight hugs, feeling deeply the triumph taste, reloaded with strength to face the future challenges. And the emotional reactions were not supposed to be less sparkling since we were gathering together after years of divisions and splits we are now reversing. Our historical tradition of unity, deployment in the working class and the deep proletarian internationalism were becoming again a reality with the construction of PSTU.

But all those tears and those hugs meant not only the excitement for what was happening, but also carried within it a multiplied militant force in order to make PSTU even stronger every day looking forward to the socialist perspective and a society with neither exploiters nor exploited. That’s why over almost all of delegates chanted”we are the death of the capital … we are the Trotskyites, the Fourth International”.

International Visitors

A large delegation of comrades from different countries attended the founding Congress of PSTU and many others sent us their letters of greeting, which show the extent of LIT and its more than 25 branches throughout the world.

A number of comrades came from different countries to share this historic moment, such as comrades Flor from IWL-FI, Leo from PST (Peru), Juan from IST (Uruguay), Fernando  from  PRT (Chile) – LIT’s sympathizer section. From PSTU (Brazil) came Cecilia Toledo (author of Women: The gender join us, the class set us apart), Natalia and Alejandro Iturbe (publisher of LIT’s magazine International Courier).

Also greeted us from Europe our comrades from POI – Russia, PTR-IR –Spain, Ruptura/FER- Portugal, ISL -England, LCT – Belgium and UOC – Ukraine.

There were also greeting letters from LIT’s sections at Latin America such as PSTU (Brazil), Communist Left (Chile), PST (Colombia), UST (El Salvador) and  PST (Honduras).

Also sent us their greetings our comrades of Workers’ Assembly for Socialism (ATS) of Senillosa in the province of Neuquén (Argentina).

A commitment with the revolution

The closing ceremony was on Sunday at the nightfall, with moments filled with emotion, passion and commitment. In charge of the speech was Eduardo Barragan, head of Lacarde Hospital’s branch of the Union of the Public Sector of San Miguel and member of the national board of the new party.

To him was given the task of crowning this journey of fight, very important for those who were founding the PSTU. With resolution and eyes fixed on the future, comrade Barragan said: “it behooves me to make the closing speech of this conference, and like all of you, I do it with deep and great emotion, since I believe that we have advanced a small but significant step, having in view its important meaning not only for ourselves but also for the future of the revolutionary leadership in Argentina.”

Our comrade Barragan, who came from Colombia in the early 80s, to be a militant of Nahuel Moreno’s PST, closed the Congress saying, “Comrades, let us go with head held high, proud of ourselves, and let’s fight for the Left Front, for the 1st of May, for inserting ourselves more deeply in the working class, for building a great youth, on the way to the seizure of power by the working class in Argentina. Long live the PSTU! Long live the LIT”.

The PSTU is Internationalist, Proletarian, Socialist and Unified

The PSTU arises not only as a result of our organizations unity, but also seeks to further respond to the deep needs of workers and the people. Our four key pillars to build this new party are:

For the internationalism,

The PSTU was born to fight for the building of an International. In face of the current crisis of capitalism and the hunger plans for the world, Marx’s phrase – “Workers of the world, unite”’- is more timely than ever. The PSTU is just born and is calling us to build the International Workers’ League, the world revolutionary organization that is present in more than 25 countries, in Europe, in the USA, in Latin America and has supporters in other countries and continents. For many leftist organizations, internationalism is just propagandizing the world struggles; for PSTU it is to build a worldwide party with leaders of different countries aiming the Fourth International reconstruction.

For a new political and trade union leadership

The Peronism and their millionaire union leaders are responsible for our country’s unbearable burden and also for the Public Education and Health serious setback, for the loss of full employment, for the casual work practices without access to social benefits. Therefore, we need another trade union and political leadership. The PSTU is born to fight for this task with a respectful attitude toward the new leadership of the current struggles and steadfastness in the defense of worker democracy.

To fight for the socialism,

There is no more room for workers in the capitalist Argentina, who offers only poverty, hunger and exploitation. The way out is a Socialist Argentina whose accomplishment is pursued by PSTU. However, we want to be clear: for PSTU, socialism has nothing to do with Chavez’s proposal, by which he imposes a high incidence of poverty and misery for the Venezuelan workers; or Castro’s proposal in Cuba where people are experiencing serious difficulties with starvation wages and layoffs. In Cuba and in Venezuela there is no socialism, multinationals companies dominate and impose exploitation and misery – as throughout Latin America – and military governments cut democratic freedoms and prevent the people’s organization and their protests. There is a dictatorship in Cuba and in Venezuela, where union and peasant leaders are assassinated.

The socialism that we defend in PSTU and in LIT is the one that will put the immense wealth, today controlled by multinationals and large companies, at the disposal of the poor people. This is not possible under a military government or under capitalism; it is only possible under a workers’ government, united to the peoples of Latin America and the world and which allows broader democratic freedoms, so that workers can express themselves, organize themselves and defend their conquests.

To fight for a workers’ government

In order to fight for a Socialist world, it is required a well prepared party with a firm method of construction, the democratic centralism, which is, currently, not taken into account and criticized by most currents. We advocate this method to construct an action party, to enable us to go on strikes and demonstrations, to intervene in the trade union actions of our class and to fight for the power. Democratic centralism is not the caricature that is portrayed by Stalinism and other reformist trends; it is the only method that guarantees its members the broadest internal democracy, and also the deepest unity in the action. Without a party with this method it will be impossible to impose a workers’ government, which is the ultimate solution that we propose.

To continue and to strengthen Morenoism

Today we are presenting a new newspaper, Avanzada Socialista (Socialist Vanguard), of a new party, the Unified Socialist Workers Party (PSTU).

However, we are not a new tendency. We are comrades who have been fighting for years in order to build a revolutionary party in Argentina. Some of us have been building, for 15 years, the Socialist Workers  Front (FOS), Argentinean section of the International Workers League-Fourth International (IWL). Others, the militants of the Internationalist Workers Trend (COI), have come from different backgrounds and took part in the construction of the Convergence of the Left, in 2009. In fact, all of us, although coming from different roads, have our roots in the tendency founded by Nahuel Moreno in our country, which for nearly 70 years has followed the struggles of the working class and the Argentinean people, fighting for a revolutionary program and for the political and organizational independence of the working class from all employers variants, specially the Peronism.

We take as ours the heroic heritage of thousands of militants who, through dictatorships and short periods of democracy, have faced military governments, bourgeoisie’s governments and the trade union bureaucracy, who hate and fear the Trotskosas our tendency has always been identified.

We take as ours the tradition of the Socialist Workers Party’s missing militants who, in the 70’s, faced politically the guerrillas but physically the Triple A [Argentinean Anti-communist Alliance, paramilitary group that murdered leftist militants in the decade of 70] and the repression. All these resulted in the most developed attempt to construct a revolutionary leadership in our country, the old MAS (Movement to Socialism).

This tradition is expressed in the struggle of them all – from Moreno to the last militant – for the construction of a revolutionary international body. Currently, there are those in Argentina who call themselves morenoist, but have abandoned this revolutionary task years ago, vital to Moreno and his teacher, Leon Trotsky.

And there are many others who call themselves Trotskysts but use their creed and religion to defame our old comrade Nahuel and the Morenoism. To all of them we say:  when speaking about Morenoism, when attacking and accusing Moreno, have in mind that you are talking about us and with us. And be aware that we’ll defend this intimate tradition, which is part of the Argentinean labor movement’s tradition, its revolutionary wing. We are in charge of defending this tradition and we are here to defend it. But not only in the terrain of memories and balance, but especially in the more concrete and essential terrain: the construction of a revolutionary direction in our country.

Hence, the name of our party is PSTU, which recalls the PST of Moreno and its newspaper, AvanzadaSocialista. But, we do not mislead ourselves; we know that these names make us “look bigger”. But we are here to grow and fully deserve them. Some will say that these are names of the past. It is true, but for us they express a set of tasks that remain unfulfilled. A tradition and a method we claim as ours. We are here to enforce our efforts to advance them.

This great party will only be possible if thousands of honest fighters workers, youth and popular organizations take it as theirs. We’re here and we will be here trying to set the first bricks, until the final victory.

Come on then, mate; come together with us, to build what History demands from the revolutionaries. Come to be part of a revolutionary International, the IWL-FI, and supporting reconstruction of IV Fourth International. This party is yours.