Today it has been six months since the fiscal adjusting, repressive Cambiemos administration and its corrupt justice have kidnapped our oil worker comrade Daniel Ruiz and kept him in Marcos Paz prison, for fighting against the robbery from the retired, pensioners and heroes of the Malvinas on December 18, 2017.

Written by PSTU-Argentina

Abusing the law, the accomplices of Stornelli’s corruption systematically deny our comrade his liberation; proving his arrest is nothing more than a Macrist vengeance against the struggle of the workers and the people, a retaliation for not being able to capture our other comrade Sebastián Romero, a symbol of these journeys.

This is why we ask you to accompany us in this fight to bend over the arm of Justice, to release Daniel, to stop persecuting Sebastián, so that nobody is every arrested for defending the dignity of the working class.

#LibertadADanielRuiz #BastaDePerseguirASebastiánRomero #FueraMacriYA

Translated by Miki Sayoko