Five hundred people attended a rally demanding freedom for activist Daniel Ruiz under heavy rain in Buenos Aires’ Plaza del Congreso in front of National Parliament last May 9, 2019.

CSP-Conlutas Media Workgroup
May 19, 2019

Around 20 organizations – Human Rights NGOs, Labour Unions and political parties and personalities – addressed the crowd to express their solidarity.
In the previous week, on May 3, 2019, a 20-strong delegation visited Daniel Ruiz in Penal Marcos Paz Prison.
These actions are meant to fight back President Mauricio Macri backlash against freedom of expression and organization.
Two recent achievements were around non-guilty verdict for Las Heras’ oil workers after a very long judicial process, and La Plata bus drivers whose penalties were commuted to home prison with the right to go to work.
Alongside Daniel Ruiz arbitrary arrest, Argentinian people’s organizations are fighting to stop persecution against Sebastian Romero, Dimas Ponce and Cesar Arakaki.
In Portugal, famous Brazilian actor Pedro Cardoso recorded a message in solidarity to Daniel Ruiz.