Fri Sep 29, 2023
September 29, 2023

People’s Earthquake Relief Center established!

Let’s gather all power to support the affected friends!

The National Railway Motive Power Union of Chiba (Doro-Chiba) has decided on the executive committee on March 15th to establish People’s Earthquake Relief Center together with the National Coordinating Center of Labor Unions (NCCLU). Its headquarters is in the office of the NCCLU. It is also decided that an on-the-spot relief center be established.

All the main roads from Kanto Area to Tohoku Area are presently blocked by the Self-Defense Forces and transportation of relief goods is hindered. The shortest possible way to the affected region is through Niigata. The establishment of a relief center in Niigata is recognized for the transportation and distribution of materials.

A report from Sendai tells us that water, foodstuff and gasoline are totally out of stock not only in severely stricken coast area but also in all regions of Miyagi Prefecture. The present situation is very serious.

Kan administration is totally incapable to face the situation

Tens and hundreds thousands of people affected by the huge earthquake are being abandoned and killed by Kan administration, which is exposed to be totally incapable to tackle with the serious situation. The governmental policy is devastating. Five days after the earthquake, there is no provision of absolutely necessary materials: water, foodstuffs, medicament, fuels, blankets, etc on the site of the earthquake. Kan administration, however, prohibits all transportation and distribution of relief materials under the pretext of “avoiding confusion”. What the government is doing is not rescue work, but to strengthen control, maintain social order and establish national mobilization system. When we let things going on like this, those people who have barely escaped the death are to be mercilessly exposed to cold and hunger. It is absolutely vital to organize independent relief work of workers’ themselves.

Do everything to avoid catastrophe!

Another serious point, millions of people are threatened by the danger of being exposed to high level radiation as a result of leaking from the stricken reactors.

The “myth of safety” miserably ended in repeated blasts of 6 nuclear plants, which have completely run out of control. Even at this moment when the situation has been aggravated so far, the government, Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency and Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) keep concealing what is really happening. Now it is urgent to take every necessary measure to stop meltdown and avoid catastrophe, but their action is always too late to affect the situation. They refuse to give information excepting the facts that are already known to everybody. We demand that the government publishes all information on the ongoing development and gathers all possible and effective supports from the competent experts including nuclear opponents. Take measure immediately to provide safe shelter for all residents!

Don’t allow dismissal under the pretext of the earthquake!

Major catastrophe caused by the huge East Japan earthquake is in its essence inevitable results of neo-liberalism, which has lowered administrative capability to address the crisis through its hectic practice for a quarter of a century since the Division and Privatization of National Railways: dismantling of local autonomy, bankruptcy of local finance, breakup of public infrastructure through privatization, limitless reduction of number of public service workers, and so on. The huge earthquake severely hit those local areas, which have been abandoned during these developments. 

The ruling class is now preparing an all-out attack on working class to bring about a drastic reactionary change: massive dismissal, merciless wage cut and a large-scale unemployment.

We must fight back this offensive to live.

Let’s organize relief work with the power of united workers!


Send your relief goods and donations to the following address:

<People’s Earthquake Relief Center>

c/o National Coordinating Center of Labor Unions

Gohodo- Ito bldg. 5th Floor,

2-4-10 Moto-Asakusa, Daito-ku, Tokyo, Zip Code 111-0041, Japan

Tel.: +81-03-3845-7461

Fax: +81-03-3845-7463

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