Tue Jul 23, 2024
July 23, 2024

Out with North Americans from Venezuela! Down with imperialist interference! Down with the lackey Latin American governments!

The workers must oust Maduro!

Out with Maduro!

North American imperialist pro-intervention policy, allied with right wing Latin American governments, has taken a leap regarding Venezuela.

John Bolton’s reports where he shows the “5000 troops to Colombia” and the over flight of North American military aircrafts in Colombian territory show the diplomatic offensive and economic sanctions are only the beginning. They are part of a greater imperialist offensive in progress, which deepens each hour.

Trump and his employees have ratified that “all the options are on the table”, which means that after the diplomatic and economic offensive against Maduro, there is a threat of a possible military intervention.

We also denunciate the European Union, particularlly Sánchéz’s Spanish administration, in the imperialist operation against Venezuela.

Trump has valuable allies in the right wing Latin American governments, associated in the Lima group, and led by the Duque administration in Colombia, Bolsonaro in Brazil and Macri in Argentina. From Washington, they have orchestrated an offensive to oust Maduro and hand over power to the opposition bourgeois of Frente Amplio (FA).

Since his arrival to the Colombian administration, Iván Duque has adopted ousting Maduro as one of his priorities. Therefore, both his ambassador in Washington and his representative in the OAS have taken the vanguard in collaboration with imperialism to oust Maduro.

The Colombian bourgeoisie has always been an unconditional ally for the United States in Latin American territory. In fact, it is the third country in the world to receive military help after Israel and Egypt. Colombia renders its territory for the establishment of military bases, and now deepens its commitment of military collaboration with imperialism as a NATO member.

However, with Bolsonaro reaching office, there is a pincer squishing Maduro’s frontiers from two fronts. Maduro has each time less allies in the continent.

“Humanitarian Help” is the prelude to military intervention

Trump is taking the next step in his offensive. He announced the sending of “humanitarian help” towards Venezuela. For this, Duque and Bolsonaro announced that they would lend Colombian and Brazilian territory so that through their frontiers with Venezuela, they may set up the so-called humanitarian hallways.

In the past, with the humanitarian argument, troops and bombs have crushed entire countries. Using this argument, Iraq and Afghanistan were crushed and Haiti was invaded. Today, seizing the deep crisis of misery, hunger and supplies, shipments of foods will enter Venezuela guarded by military forces in a military intervention, covered as “humanitarian help”.

This is the prelude to military pressure, as a new step in the isolation of Maduro.

The threats of military intervention are already generating a new wave of immigrants that flee before this perspective. Thousands of Venezuelans flee towards the frontiers with Colombia and Brazil, deepening the drama of the migrants in these countries. They are submitted to overexploitation because they are migrants, and to xenophobic expressions against Venezuelans.

The Venezuelan People must oust Maduro

Our rejection to imperialist intervention and to the bourgeois opposition led by Guaidó do not mean we support Maduro. The main responsible for the tragedy in Venezuela is Maduro himself and the failure of the Chavist project.

The reactionary utopia of the so-called socialism of the XXI century is a farce that has smeared the meaning of a socialist alternative before the Venezuelan masses and the world.

Twenty years after it began, the Chavist project shows its disastrous balance. The economic disaster has generated hunger and misery in the population. Along this, a military stratum has outrageously enriched, as well as the bourgeoisie who have appropriated the State’s businesses through rampant corruption.

Maduro must fall, but not by imperialism’s doing. The Venezuelan masses must oust Maduro. The opposition bourgeoisie, today commanded by Guaidó will only bring more submission to imperialism and harsher economic and social measures, like the Macri, Duque and Bolsonaro administration are doing today.

Only the exploited masses of Venezuela may provide an outing for this tragedy. Only the building of an independent alternative from Maduro and Guaidó may guarantee the Venezuelan people what neither of the bourgeois blocks may offer: a workers’ plan to guarantee food, health and wages to cover the workers’ needs.

Only through the independent organization of the workers, self-organization of worker councils, and rank and file organization of army soldiers and peasant, will allow the building of this alternative for a true workers and people’s government.

Out with imperialism from Venezuela!

No to any type of military imperialist intervention in Venezuela!

Worker and people’s rejection to the use of Latin American countries as bases for imperialist intervention in Venezuela!

Expropriation of all great imperialist enterprises and the bolibourgeoisie!

Down with Guaidó!

Out with Maduro!

For a workers and people’s government!

UST- Venezuela


Worker’s Voice-USA



Corriente Roja – Spanish State

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