Tue Sep 27, 2022
September 27, 2022

New IWL-FI website is launched

The IWL-FI website has completely renewed its design, adjusting to new internet trends and improving public access to its content.

We are committed to a cleaner model, with a more intuitive and practical organisation of topics, and also improving navigation with mobile devices.

Also, the interaction with social networks (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter) and the search engine were optimised. All of this is to provide the public with a simpler, more agile and connected experience with the website.

These changes will cover the portals in six languages: Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, Arabic and Russian.

This has been an IWL-FI membership accomplishment. We are happy that we have been able to make these improvements to mark the commemoration of the 40th anniversary of our International, a very significant date for the history of world Trotskyism.

The importance of our web pages is linked, first and foremost, to our understanding of the indispensable role of a revolutionary press. In that sense, our webpages are conceived, elaborated and broadcast with Leninist criteria. It is the organ of our International, the mouthpiece of our political positions and an essential platform for developing revolutionary propaganda in defence of Marxism and the programme of the world socialist revolution.

Lenin said that “the newspaper is not only a collective propagandist and a collective agitator but also a collective organiser.” In other words, it is not just a mouthpiece for ideas. It is conceived as a concrete, privileged tool for orienting politics in practice, with the aim of transforming the world according to the interests of the working class and the exploited and oppressed sectors, promoting a revolutionary programme. In fact, our website played a central role in the organisation and broadcasting of our latest campaigns on the Chilean revolution and the constituent process; the fight for the release of political prisoners in Cuba; and support for the resistance of the Ukrainian people against Putin’s invasion.

In short, it is the tool to arm the political, ideological and theoretical struggle of the revolutionaries against the bourgeoisie and reformism on an international scale.

It is not by chance that, when talking about the great leaders and masters of Marxism, it is impossible to avoid the association of their names with the newspapers they edited: Marx and Engels with the New Rhenish Gazette; Lenin with Iskra and Pravda; Trotsky with the Nasha Slovo, or his articles in The Militant of the old SWP in the USA; Rosa Luxemburg with Rote Fahne; and so on.

On the new IWL-FI website, you will find the International statements on the main facts of the worldwide class struggle; various articles on countless processes, mainly from Latin America, the USA, Europe and Africa, most of them written by comrades who work directly in those countries. It will also be possible to access the portals or social networks of the parties that make up our International. There will also be special contributions on important issues such as the invasion of Ukraine, the pandemic or important dates in the history of revolutions and Marxism.

On the other hand, there will be easy to access other IWL-FI projects, such as the Leon Trotsky Archive, which gathers thousands of publications and digitized historical documents; the David Ryazanov School, which offers qualified courses on Marxism to the general public; and the 22-year-old magazine Marxism Alive, the theoretical organ of our organisation.

Don’t miss the opportunity to visit the new IWL-FI website and to spread it on social networks and among workers and social activists by all available means. It is time to strengthen the socialist, revolutionary and internationalist press.

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