Letter by Daniel Ruiz to the IWL-FI and the international delegation that visited him in jail

Marcos Paz Prison, June 28, 2019

To my IWL-FI comrades

To the international delegation visiting Argentina

To MIT [Chile], PSTU [Brazil], PT [Paraguay]

It is very difficult to express in words a feeling that goes beyond the known. The proletarian and revolutionary internationalism that went astray for many years has returned to our country’s working class.

My detention is not my arrest, because they do not want to break a man, they try to break the international action, to put us to the test. We want the IWL-FI to be a tool for the socialist revolution, as we actually are. In the path of revolution, capitalism will respond with deaths, prisoners and persecution.

But, despite that, here we are. Stronger than ever. We will never abandon the revolutionary action! That it is proletarian and it is international, and that it is present today.

My IWL-FI comrades all over the world get support as workers in Matamoros, Mexico, in Spain, and I proudly say that my comrades in Honduras are in the front line, in Brazil and Chile. There they are, there we are, and there I am too.

Time has come for our revolutionary International to shelter those thousands of fighters of the world, that the IWL-FI, in its mortal struggle against capitalism, reformism, and bureaucrats, will be at the service of continuing the task of Max, Trotsky, Lenin, Moreno, to build the party of world revolution.

We will not deny the blows received, but let the governments and their imperialist bosses know that we will fight them. And we will win. Because, to put an end to world misery, we will have to eliminate the bosses and their greed. We have nothing to lose, our class and the oppressed sectors have nothing to lose.

Let them keep putting us to the test! Each stroke is teaching us and with time we will say that we do not have scars, we have awards!

Long live the IWL-FI!

Long live revolutionary internationalism!

Stop chasing Sebastian Romero!

It is an honor to have comrades like you. Soon we will see each other and together we will take revenge for this difficult moment.

With admiration and respect,

Revolutionary greetings,

Daniel Oscar Ruiz

Prison cell 5506

Hall 5

Buenos Aires, Argentina