Sun Jan 29, 2023
January 29, 2023

Let Us establish a Revolutionary Party in Nicaragua!

Five months have passed since the upsurge of the Nicaraguan people against the Ortega and Murillo regime began. There are over 448 deaths, a great number of prisoners and political refugees that are persecuted by the dictatorship. One of the reasons the fight might find itself in relative tranquility.
By: PT Costa Rica
Throughout this time, different sectors have attempted to answer the conflict, but the outings they suggest are opposite to the interests of the people. They seek to divert the people’s discontent from the streets. We would like to discuss why these proposals are insufficient and to explain why it is necessary to build a truly revolutionary socialist party in Nicaragua. From this debate, it is essential for the vanguard to analyze what is the best way to triumph.
Who are they and what do they propose?
In the first place, we have the FSLN (Sandinista National Liberation Front) that represents the party of the dictatorship. Despite it continues to vindicate itself as a left-wing organization, it actually has the objective of guaranteeing profits and means of production in the hands of the Sandinista bourgeoisie. To achieve maintaining Ortega in office, the FLSN uses repression and political persecution to fighters through the paramilitary groups, the police and the army.
On the other hand, we have right wing parties who allied to the COSEP (the Superior Council of Private Entrepreneurs in Nicaragua) and the Church propose dialogue as the main method to end the upsurge. For us, this is just a way to make the struggle setback because this block is actually another ally of the Ortega regime. With the objective of guaranteeing its profits at the cost of the working class, they rather Ortega remain in office and the country to remain stable.
Finally, the Sandinista Renewal Movement (Movimiento Renovador Sandinista) is a break of the FSLN that split in the dispute for more power posts within the party. Despite its separation, this group is only the continuity of the FSLN because it seeks to continue an alliance between the left and the bourgeoisie. Its method is to continue the tradition of the FSLN in 1979 after the revolution. At the time, it decided to become a government of national rebuilding, with the democratic sector of the bourgeoisie as the main ally.
Our proposal: a revolutionary and socialist party
Opposite to these groups’ proposals, we believe the only outing for the working people is the building of a political party willing to deepen the fight for the downfall of Ortega. A party that stands for the establishment of a workers’ governments.
This must be a disciplined party. In other words, it must be ready for combat, but at the same time, it must function with the broadest internal democracy, so that the rank and file make the decisions and the leadership executes them. It is important for this new party not to work through single or self-imposed leaders. There must be a democratically elected leadership that may be revoked by the rank and file of the organization.
For decades, the capitalist system has been in decadence. The great economic, migratory and environmental crises have evidenced it is an obsolete system with nothing to offer humanity. As if this were not enough, the attacks on the working people and the brutal exploitation of the world working class deepen. In this framework, this new revolutionary party must break with imperialism and the bourgeoisie, and stand in service of building an international revolutionary organization.
The building of this party shall only be possible if a firm group of men and women who have led the fight in the universities and neighborhoods take on this task, with the socialist program as its guideline. We believe there is a valuable opportunity to build it, mainly among the refugees found today in our country.
We fully trust the Nicaraguan people will shortly upsurge with strength. Therefore, we insist on our calling to all the fighters to build a revolutionary party in Nicaragua. The International Workers’ League stands in service of this task.

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