Mon Dec 11, 2023
December 11, 2023

Labor Opportunism and Servility Means the Betrayal of the Working Class

Faced with the deep crisis that the country is experiencing in the wake of the scandalous secret agreement signed behind the people’s backs by the national government, which undermines the wealth and sovereignty of the Paraguayan people, and the positions assumed by different political and social sectors on the crisis , we state the following to workers and public opinion:

By CCT Paraguay

1- We ratify our rejection of the sold-out secret agreement signed behind the people’s backs by the presidents of Paraguay and Brasil, Mario Abdo Benítez and Jair Bolsonaro. This agreement meant the delivery of our energy sovereignty and economic losses to our country and clearly is an act of high treason.

2- The political crisis unleashed by this scandalous fact has not yet been closed. To the exposure of involvement of Vice President Hugo Velázquez in influence peddling it’s added  the news revealing that President Abdo Benítez would have been aware of all the negotiations since its inception, and would have pressed the former president of the ANDE to sign the Act, which means he is primarily responsible for this high treason.

3- President Abdo Benítez and Vice President Velázquez deserve their condemnation in an impeachment process and their dismissal for this act of high treason against the country.

4- We repudiate the crawling, opportunistic and servile attitude of many trade-union leaders who, shamelessly, have expressed their public support for this sold-out government. The Trade-Union Centrals that supported the government are: CUT, CPT, CGT, CNT. In this sense we argue that opportunism and trade-union servitude is a betrayal to the working class.

5.- We regret that the Paraguayan Federation of Transport Workers, which showed coherent and consistent positions in the interests of the working class, has adhered to this shameful fact, which is to provide support to a government that is delivering and violating the national sovereignty and the rights and interests of the working class.

6.- We call the unions affiliated with these traitorous Centrals that once again support despicable governments to demand explanations from these pseudo leaders. Finally we call on all workers to mobilize demanding the impeachment and jail for those responsible for treason.

Confederation of the Working Class [CCT].

Asunción, August 7, 2019.

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