OKDE expresses its solidarity with the Argentinian militant workers Daniel Ruiz and Sebastian Romero, members of the Unified Sosialist Workers’ Party, who have been arrested and imprisoned by the Macri government for their participation in the mass workers mobilizations in Argentina. 

Daniel Ruiz is a worker and trade unionist in oil industry, who has been imprisoned because of his participation in the mass and combative workers’ mobilizations of the Rio Santiago shipyards, resisting their closure by the Macri government. Sebastian Romero, a worker, defended himself against a violent police attack during the big mobilizations against the anti-pension “reform” of the Macri government.

Persecuting of militants and repression against the movement in Aregntina is indispensable part of Macri’s ultra neoliberal policy, which again sets the country under IMF supervision, with new fierce attacks against the workers and huge impact on the living standards of the popular masses.

In view of the new battles ahead, with proletarian internationalism and practical internationalist solidarity as our weapon, we must support the struggle of Argentinian people for knocking out the neoliberal full–scale attack of native and foreign capitalists, for a socialist way out of the capitalist crisis.

Immediate release of all the militant workers and political prisoners of the Macri government!

IMF out of Argentina – Down with Macri and his government!

Combative struggles of lasting duration – For a socialist way out of the capitalist crisis.


OKDE – Organization of Communists Internationalists, Greece