International Manifesto on March of the Periphery


The organizations and movements gathered in CSP-CONLUTAS’ Congress and the Meeting of the Americas Labour Network make a call to the Back movement around the world to join the building construction of the March of the Periphery and Black November 2017.
Bourgeoisie has committed the greatest crime in human history, which is the enslavement of over 20 million Africans. More than half of them died moving from Africa’s countryside to the harbors or in the slave ships in which they crossed the Atlantic, in chains, like animals. Due to the high mortality rate in the cellars, these ships were known as graveyards.
The bourgeoisie was also ruthless to Indigenous peoples. They slaughtered over 50 million people for the sake of capitalism and with the Church’s blessing.
In Brazil, slavery lasted over 300 years. Although slavery is now prohibited by law, the latifundium was never abolished. Besides, the rulers never guaranteed education or jobs, keeping the people without land, jobs, education, and human respect.
In Africa, imperialism divided the continent according to its own interests, super-exploited its population, destroyed national sovereignty and stole the wealth from the continent.
They invaded Haiti several times, putting their puppets to rule and bringing foreign troops to oppress the people.
All this to ensure its profits and wealth.
Nowadays, many imperialistic heirs acknowledge this holocaust. They confessed being guilty, yet they are still unpunished! Until now, they did nothing to repair such atrocities.
On the contrary, they perpetuate Black and indigenous genocide in defense of imperialistic interests, now protected by these servant governments.
For those of us who are part of the March of the Periphery in several countries, it is time to change the course of History. It is time to intensify the growing Black, indigenous, youth, female, LGBT, and proletariat resistance. It’s time to unify the struggle around the building of Black November and the March of the Periphery towards a profound social transformation, aiming to build a world without exploiters and exploited.

It is time to settle the score!

If the Imperialist States committed a historical crime, they have to pay for it and repair its actions.
They have to repair the quilombolas, indigenous, and oppressed nations who were pillaged and drawn back from its possibilities of social development.
Our youth, black, and indigenous people have the right to a future. Our people have to be repaired through public health policies, nationalization of hospitals, educational projects, and creating full employment for all people of exploited countries.
Immigrants have the right to citizenship and full rights in the countries that took advantage of the exploitation of African, Asian, and American people.
No more attacks on workers and immigrants rights! Let the rich pay for the crisis!
Public Works Plan to create jobs!
Immediate suspension of the payment of public debt!
Let’s organize the exploited people internationally.
Let’s build Popular Councils in each and every country for decisions to be taken in a collective and democratic way.
Let’s support immigrants’ struggle around the world.
Let’s fight all form of racism and oppressive prejudice.
Let’s demand reconstruction and reparation by imperialist countries to the those damaged by capitalist exploitation.
International meeting of countries and entities at the CSP CONLUTAS’ Congress and meeting of the Americas Labour Network.


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