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January 30, 2023

Amendment Born from Mugging has First Referendum on the Streets

Rejection and condemnation of police repression; the repression against demonstrators that took place yesterday afternoon and evening in front of the National Congress, where the amendment of the Cartist-Luguist-Llanist alliance was being cooked, hastily and with unexpected malice.By PT – Paraguay

All this that is happening runs around the electoral ambitions of the representatives of narco-politics, like Cartes, the submissive Llano, and the cynical, opportunistic Lugo, opening like this a dangerous, regressive path for the political regime.
The mass on fire expressed its outrage. In front of such mugging, thousands of people, mainly the youth, took the blocks around Congress expressing not only their rejection of this reactionary onslaught but also restrained anger against the regime as a whole and, specifically, against Cartes’ government.
Restrained fury and anger by various segments overwhelmed by the government’s rampant authoritarianism and the Parliament’s shameless corruption were expressed by people burning entire sectors of the Congress’ facilities.
More setbacks on the regime are unbearable. The blind assault against basic norms and procedures of the bourgeois institutionality is an expression of the overbearing attitude of Cartes’ government in devious conspiracy with Lugo and Llano, aiming to take advantage out of this gangster-like alliance.
Events like yesterday’s show that this scenario is just the prelude of a deeper toughening of the regime. Before the imminent opening of a period of more reactionary lines, we understand the resource we have left is a blunt rejection mobilization, like the one carried in the afternoon and evening of March 31.
Lugo as a Pawn of the Cartist Strategy
The surveys stun those with mere electoral interests. Luguism is trying to guarantee its legislators’ spots justifying its move with the naif speech that he will be defeated electorally. Lugo remains in silence, leaving the dirty job to his Senators, who bigotedly follow a process that is leading us to a past we do not want to go back to.
Opposition is off Cartes’ and his barons’ table. Providing no political support whatsoever to the current political opposition –another branch of illustrious crooks, representatives of the other capitalist sector (Marito, Alegre & co)–, we condemn the systematic violations that modify the National Constitution in favor of continuing the pillage and increase the misery of the working people.
Both capitalist sectors have nothing to do with our lives and interests. We call the working people to break with the traditional parties and with the parties that claim to be “the change” while they coexist and negotiate with the worst of Paraguayan politics. This inter-bourgeois dispute is not of our interest as long as it does not become an authoritarian regime like the one of Stronism.[1]
We call the working people to organize and mobilize to stop this authoritarian process.

National Executive Committee – 3/31/2017.

[1] Alfredo Stroessner – Paraguayan dictator, president of the Republic from 1954 to 1989.

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