Tayyip Erdoğan and his government have started a barbaric attack on the uprising of peoples’ movement. At the moment, the balance sheet of this attack is four deaths, thousands of injured, lost and detained people. However, our people are not surrendering across the savagery. The resistance is taking place under different forms and it’s becoming more powerful. We want to share our thoughts and suggestions of the last reached determinations and the threats that await us.

1.The police forces who went into Taksim Square and Gezi Park with an unbelievable brutality was not a defeat, it has been a great experience. The development of build-up, waiting, the form of body shield, the unarmed, vulnerable resistance was hopeless to withstand against the treacherous heavy attacks. Nevertheless, the determination of masses, a three weeks uprising and a 24 hour heroic resistance has left its experience as a heritage to the future.

2.With the participation of the army troops the attacks spread across Istanbul, let alone suppressing the mass movement, it gave way to the demonstrations spreading across the city. Now, there are forum areas across the city and routine demonstrations every night.

3.There is a growing reaction against the government across the country. In all big cities, even in a lot of small towns an anti-government movement is developing. No one is giving up. Every day dozens of people are being detained and people are just by ‘standing up’ resisting. All of this shows clearly that people are not going to bend on their knees against the dictator.

4.After a brief respite the mass movement will rise again; Taksim will be conquered once again. This means the end of Tayyip Erdoğan who is a dictator that does not even recognise his own laws. The ruling power is aware of this and this is why it is attacking the people barbarically.

5.From the other side, fascist gangs with bats along with the police attacked the masses. This situation has openly put in front the fascist character of AKP. Across us is a fascist dictator enthusiastic regime that is clinging on to the bragging of ‘national will’.

6.The forums that are consisting and getting together every night in the districts of Istanbul are extremely important. They must spread all over the country and should be converted into ‘people’s assembly’. People must create their own decision-making mechanisms and must decide what to do. The decisions taken in the neighborhood councils must be joined with the others. This will be an important step to overcome the problem of disorganisation of our movement.

7.We must stand up against AKP and the fascists with bats starting from our neighborhoods and we must create self-defence of the movement. We are against fascist gangs that worship money and power, they are blockhead herds. They cannot occur without the support of the state’s law enforcement and will only gain power if they harm the mass movement. We will not let this happen.

8.To answer KESK and DISK’s support and one-day work stoppage action Türk-İş leadership prefer to act as if there’s nothing happening in Turkey. This openly shows that they are in support of the dictatorship. Unions affiliated to Türk-İş, starting by their branches, must force the attitude of supporting the dictatorship to end and convince to take part in various different ways of an ongoing movement. The fascist dictatorship enthusiasm that tries to handle people under iron fist and condemn the working class to slavery conditions can only be overthrown specially with the movement of the people who are organised.

9.The dictatorship must be defeated. The requests of Taksim Solidarity are discredited; from now the new slogans of our movement are ‘AKP out!’, ‘Tayyip out’. From this moment our struggle will proceed on this basis.

10.This movement of freedom, which is ficused in Gezi Park, but has spread to all counties have shown the ground to the Kurdish nation and political organisations for the building of an alliance with Turkish working class and Kurdish revolutionary organizations. AKP and its policy has openly shown that it cannot be an answer to the Kurdish nations’ freedom needs for dozens of years. June Uprising must put forward the message that freedom and peace can only be gained in the streets. It must not be forgotten that the addressee of the Kurdish nation’s quest for peace and freedom is the movement on the streets.