As a result of the streets pressure, the overthrow of the PEC 37, other claim of the movement, has been approved in the Federal House.

Students and workers returned to the streets of São José dos Campos late on Tuesday, the 25th, to demand the repeal of the public transportation fare rise and for the improvement of public services.

In an organized way, the leftist organizations and the social movements block left the Steelworkers Union headquarters unfurling banners and flags towards the Afonso Pena Square, where they met other protesters.

The rain did not remove the encouragement of more than 5,000 protesters who marched through downtown streets until reaching Presidente Dutra Highway. The protest lasted about five hours and, during the ride, it got the population support. From buildings dwellers blinked the lights, in the traffic, drivers of cars and buses sounded their horns as a sign of support.

Once again, Mayor Carlinhos Almeida (PT) and the State and Federal governments have been targets of claims. Just as in the last week’s protest the demonstrators maintained the requirement of outright repeal of the public transportation fare rise so that it returns to the R$ 2, 80, the former price.

In Taubaté, there have been protests as well. The protesters passed across the Town Hall and the City Hall and also took Dutra Highway. Just like in São José dos Campos, they regarded insufficient cutting down only R$ 0.10 in the public transportation fare, announced by the Mayor Ortiz Junior (PSDB), on Monday, the 24th.

PEC 37 overthrew

Under heavy pressure from the streets, the federal representatives overthrew the PEC 37 Proposal in a vote held on the evening of Tuesday, the 26th.

The score of the vote, 430 votes against the PEC and 9 in favor of the PEC, was a clear response to the pressure from the streets.

The PEC 37 was one of the pending subjects in the House of Representatives most attacked by the recent demonstrations in the country streets. It proposed withdrawing the investigative powers of Public Prosecutor in offenses of corruption committed by politicians. The proposal was authored by Deputy Lourival Mendes (PT do B-MA).

National Day of Struggle

In São José dos Campos, a new demonstration is scheduled for next Thursday, the 27th, at 16h, coming out of the Cathedral Square. The demonstration is part of the National Day of Struggle, summoned by several trade union entities, among them the CSP-Conlutas.

This time, the metalworkers will join the demonstrations that will take place throughout the country, with the working class flags. Among the demands it is included the reduction in the daily working hours, the end of the pension factor and the freezing of food prices and public fares.

«What has been happening in the country is historical and it has already led to changes. At this point it is necessary that workers take on the stage and make sure that governments will give heed to their claims”, says the Union Director, Edson Alves da Cruz.