Unemployment, labor and pension reforms. The way out is to unify the struggles toward the general strike.

The Government and the Employers of the CEOE, at the service of the Troika (European Commission, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund) have not given us any truce. They took advantage of the summer holidays to give a further step in the Labor Reform and further facilitate the layoffs, EREs and ERTEs, continuing their policy of economic and environmental counter-reform, privatization of public services and the continuous loss of jobs, wages and rights.

The lack of transparency, corruption and an overwhelming social discredit characterize a system underpinned not only by the Troika and the hard core of the Spanish capitalism (CEOE and the Banks), but also by the complicity, passive or active, of the Unions bureaucracy of the official unionism, turned into the best defenders of the EREs and ERTEs agreements, bent on dismantling the workers and social struggles, dividing and eroding them or taking them to dead ends, curtailing the discontent of the workers, while begging the continuity of the Social Pact to allow them to continue their privileges.

If the government does not fall, if anti-social and economic policies are not repealed, if we don’t win the fights, it’s not for lack of combativeness or response of the workers, the social movement, the student movement or the poor who mobilize in defense of social rights and freedoms. Our main weakness is the absence of a clear class reference able to unify the fight, to propose a unified platform of demands and a common plan of action.

The Unions and social organizations undersigned have been doing efforts to seek that unity of action of the working class unionism and social movements, allowing us to move forward and overcome this weakness. The possibility and the need to converge are shown in previous agreements, meetings and joint events such as general strikes, consumer strikes, mobilizing tens of thousands of people, willing to face the government, the regime and the capitalism and organizing outside the control of the old political and trade union apparatus that support this system which is leading to social and environmental catastrophe.

The recent measures adopted on August 3, 2013 to facilitate layoffs and EREs, preventing individual claims, are signs that the social war declared by the pro-Troika governments or those who aspire to govern as their puppets – and apply the same policies in the Communities and municipalities ruled by them – will not stop.

Furthermore, the draft of the pension reform, the continuous increase of unemployment and job insecurity, lower wages, the wave of layoffs in health, education, transportation, public services; the increasing taxes; new measures of privatization in the education sector and the diversion of funds to the private schools, leaving tens of thousands of students out of the University and Professional Training schools, while forcing the emigration of those who have graduated… reinforce the disposition of the exploiters to smash us.

The situation has become dramatic for millions of people. Future promises only deepening misery, so that, more than ever, we are obliged to make every effort to join forces to formulate an alternative to the current capitalist system to raise real solutions for the working class and the most vulnerable and work to unify all the ongoing struggles. The challenge is immense but, as we have shown in the past, the organizations and the alternative class unionism and social movements are well rooted in the rank and file and have enough will to join forces in this endeavor to build a class reference capable of confronting the government and the capitalist system.

We do not accept that the workers, the social majority of 99%, have to pay the piper for a fraud called crisis that we have not generated, while the perpetrators continue to increase their profits. Therefore we say that the capitalists are those who ought to pay for the crisis; those who caused it, the financial oligarchy and large companies and multinationals. To get out from the current situation, to overcome the sharp contradictions of the system and build another society, we propose the need to fight for the following program:

Against unemployment and poverty

No to layoffs. Sharing of the existing labor and the reduction of working hours without reduction of wages. 35-hour workweek and indefinite unemployment benefits for all unemployed.

In defense of wages

Living minimum wage to meet the basic needs. Collective agreements with pay rise to maintain the purchasing power.

Down the labor reform and the EREs

Repeal of the Labor and pension Reforms. Restoration of the right to collective bargaining. No to the EREs and ERTEs.

Recovery of what belongs to everyone. For public services with quality.

Repeal of all laws that allow the privatization of public services. Reintegration to the public sector of all companies, hospitals, schools and services that were privatized. In defense of all public services, public health, public education, secular and with quality. No one euro more to private companies. End the university fees that make the higher education becomes elitist.

No to pension reform

Recognition of pensions as a right and not business. Retirement at 60 and no pension below the minimum wage. For the maintenance of the purchasing power after a lifetime of work.

Stop foreclosures, no homes without people and people without homes

Prohibition of evictions and cancellation of mortgage payments for the unemployed. For a Public Park of social housing, based on the expropriation of the banks and the big estate companies that made huge housing stock during the speculative pitch and which today continue speculating. Immediate recognition of the Corralas (occupation of empty buildings) by homeless people, end the shameful outage of water and electricity, legalizing their occupations with affordable rents.

We don’t owe, we don’t pay

No payment of the debt. We refuse to continue paying the debt to bankers and speculators who cause the hunger and misery of the people. We demand the immediate suspension of debt repayments and its public audit and the return of the funds donated by the government to banks and large companies. Prohibition of sending monetary funds out to tax havens, intervening in the existing funds. Elimination of the SICAV. For a Tax Reform; pay more who owns more.

Expropriation of banking and key industry

Expropriation of the banks and strategic economic sectors (health, education , transport, energy , heavy industry, social services and communication) to put all the economic resources to serve the workers and the people; turn back to the public sector the privatized public services, under workers and social control.

For agrarian reform

In many regions, especially in Andalusia, the lands remain in the hands of landowners and speculators, while there are no jobs and the people are hungry. We defend the urgency of a profound agrarian reform, boosting public land collectivization, agricultural cooperatives and food processing industry.

Split with the European Union and the euro

The EU neither is the union of the peoples of Europe nor represents any interests other than of the bankers and multinationals. Since Spain joined it the ​​industry and the countryside were dismantled and the permanency in this den of thieves leads us to misery and to be a German, French or American semi-colony, like Greece or Portugal. No to the European Union, for a Europe of the workers and peoples.

Against repression, in defense of the rights and freedoms

Given the continued policy of repression against social and union activists, we denounce all repressive measures and demand the dismissal of all pending charges against Union, political or social activists. We express and reiterate our commitment to support the rights and freedoms denied by this reactionary and imposed monarchy. All support for the right of all peoples to self-determination.

For solidarity between peoples and sustainability

We denounce the miserable imperialist policy, like the Spanish government, that move, again and again, from the support of infamous bloody dictatorships to military interventions to serve their interests. We demand the withdrawal of NATO. We support the international solidarity among peoples, the end of the pillage that multinationals perform and are the source of misery to countries and peoples, leading millions of people to massive emigration, who lose their life in gates or boats. A pillage that undermines the natural resources, irrationally destroys the environment and threats the future generations.

For equality

We demand the maintenance of adequate public services for the care and attention to dependency. Strong and concrete measures must be carried on to prevent discrimination and harassment, especially of gender. Equal pay for equal work.

For ecological and social transition

We understand that the measures to promote food sovereignty and environmentally responsible production and legal forms of collective enterprises owned by the workers are increasingly necessary. We demand the end of projects for the speculative, socially and environmentally irresponsible utilization of natural resources, that are rejected democratically by the people involved (fracking , nuclear, open mining, etc.).


October 24, National Day of Fight against the pension reform!

Unions and social organizations undersigned, facing the current situation triggered by the bosses and the government, with thousands and thousands of layoffs and the announcement of further cuts in pensions, call the whole population, the working class, to carry protest actions and demonstrations next October 24.

To those, like us, who defend the necessity of uniting the struggles, the student mobilization announced for the days 22, 23 and 24 October and the teachers’ General Strike on October 24 provide an opportunity to unite the efforts of the working class, the student movement and the entire population to stand up to those who have declared this social war.

We are committed, therefore, to organize demonstrations across the state on October 24, to prepare the action through meetings, events, assemblies to call the workers, the struggling sectors, the social organizations, the platforms and people’s assemblies of the districts and villages to join forces to make that day a great day of fighting, a necessary step for the calling of a general strike, convinced that the struggle is the only way out and not the Social Pact.

We are committed, also, to spread among the remaining trade unions and social movements this call in order to achieve the maximum unity of forces. We also reaffirm the call to all to join forces and achieve a stable coordination .

CGT – Coordinadora Sindical de Clase (CSC) – Sindicato de Comisiones de Base (co.bas) – Intersindical de Aragón – Solidaridad Obrera