Our government has started to introduce a series of measures that are clearly designed to destroy council and housing associations housing, and force us to pay vastly inflated rents for our accommodation. Add in the bedroom tax and cuts in services on a daily basis and our dwindling society slowly but surely loses all of the life it once processed.

 This government and our capitalist ruling master are committing social murder right before our eyes, and our voices go unheard because we do not stand together. But we have a voice, a true and meaningful voice, a voice that is local and international that shares one thing in common – economic austerity and oppression.

The Peterloo massacre of 1819 in Manchester led to the birth of the working class movement. People in those times were struggling as we are today, but unlike today they stood together with one voice with passion and belief. After that fateful day in 1819, more and more people realised that if we stood united we can overcome the establishment and achieve our goals for better social conditions. Without social solidarity the people would never have got the freedom to vote.

Stop accepting this new world order where austerity is the normal way of life. Our three main political parties are all the same, and none of them care about basic human needs. Labour, the monopoly capital friendly party, itself is using the anti-austerity anger which has been building up for some time now to get itself elected. If they do get elected we will have more exploitation, more taxes to pay, and more misery. Miliband has already admitted if Labour gets back into government they will impose a 3 year cap on welfare spending.

Let us stand as one, one voice, and say to the capitalist and oppressors that we the real people, we are the light, you are the dark, we are the day, you are the night, we are the sweet, you are the sour, we are the good, you are the evil, we are the many, you are the few. Look at the people from Brazil, they joined together and awoke a sleeping giant in June this year. Organising demonstrations on the scale like this shows us all how it should be done. Our future is a two tier society, the masters and the helots.  So let’s get out there and use our best weapon against austerity – our voice. Unite the struggles into one voice this is the way forward, not backward like the recent years.