More than sixty organizations from different countries and four continents attended the International Meeting of the Alternative Unionism held in Paris from 22 to 24 March, 2013.

We believe in a confrontational unionism, which is the opposite of thesocial pacts unionism. We advocate that the struggle is the only way to achieve social changes. We believe in direct democracy, in the rank and file unionism against the unionism of bureaucratic clusters. We believe in the internationalism, in the struggle of the international working class and all the oppressed groups.

In this May 1st celebration, the working class international day of struggle, we emphasize that:

1º – The current economic, political and social capitalist crisis pushes workers / peoples to misery and reaches, in many countries, the status of an authentic social catastrophe.

2º – Governments and international institutions have implemented social war plans and the catastrophe that accompanies such plan contrasts with the scandalous multimillion helps that these governments and institutions provide for banks and also contrasts with the shameful corruption cases in which the heads of the system are involved.

3º –This scenario cannot go on like this. Governments, far from changing in face of the social rejection, announce further measures for labor rights, wage and welfare cuts, as well as new privatizations and the looting of entire countries.

The workers and the peoples’ defense demands resolute struggle against this system which has been leading humanity into barbarism and the destruction of the planet. It is necessary to abandon every false illusion of social pact policies with governments that carry out these social war plans. There is no turning back in this struggle process.

4º – The world working class and in particular the European one who now carries out decisive battles against the troika governments should object to these social war plans and assume the workers own measures and responses that will be able to provide a social and popular solution to this crisis.

Therefore we say:

Down the austerity plans! Immediate withdrawal of cuts and labor reforms!

The defense of a worthy salary, the protection of employment, social security and the defense of public education requires that the multiple partial struggles, by company and by sectors that run through the old continent must be unified around an urgent demand: Out the governments and the austerity policies! Go away you all! There is no turning back!

We say yes, there are available resources to provide a solution forthe crisis as from the defense of workers’ interests. But this requires undertaking determinedly anti-capitalist measures. Therefore we advocate the immediate suspension of debt repayments, an illegitimate debt that workers and peoples have not contracted.

The struggle for employment, for the work and wealth fair distribution demands wresting the funds from the speculators’ and bankers’ hands. Nationalization without compensation of the financial system and the key companies; tax reform through which those who have more possessions pay more taxes, and place all these resources at the service of the only bailout plan that is lacking, a Rescue Plan for workers and for the majority of society (99%).

1 – The working class, together with other social movements, has staged the struggles in favor of the oppressed of the world. We must therefore raise the flags of the fight against sexism and all forms of oppression of women, the flags of the fight against xenophobia, racism and every form of oppression against immigrant workers; we must also raise the flags for the right of nations’ self-determination, to defend the right of all oppressed nations to exercise their sovereignty. Without the consequent struggle against all these forms of oppression it will not be possible to achieve the working class unity, essential for the social transformation and the social justice.

2 -In a day of international struggle, as it is the 1st of May, it cannot lack the most resolute solidarity with all the workers and peoples of the world who have been facing the imperialism and the dictatorships. In particular, our solidarity with the Arab peoples, with the Middle East peoples, with the indigenous communities and all the popular struggles.

3 – The organizations of the international alternative unionism are committed to prepare an internationalist and fighting May 1st, calling the other organizations of the alternative unionism and the social movements to organize large ralliesand demonstrations that are different from the demonstrations of the institutional and bureaucratic unionism, and that our demonstrations are a clear class reference as well as a combative reference.

4 – The particular situation which we live on the European continent and the recent experience of the last November 14th demands us to undertake an explanatory activity, a coordination activity and the undertaking of initiatives to fight for a new general continental strike, which continues until we managed to repeal the troika policies, until a time when we, the workers of the world, can be the protagonists of a new society based on participative democracy, on freedom and on social justice.