Representing the CSP Conlutas, comrade Dirceu Travesso participated in the activities of the World Social Forum on Education in Palestine, along with other comrades of Brazil’s MOPAT Movement (Palestine Movement for All), of CIRANDA (Shared Information International), of MST and of the Solidarity Committee of Santa Catarina State.

A march attended by about seven thousand people (according to the organizers) held in Ramallah on the 28th opened the Forum. On the 29th different panels were presented in Ramallah with participation of representatives of Palestinians social movements and some 300 participants from international delegations who were attending the Forum.

On the 30th, there were activities in other cities such as Haifa, Jerusalem, Gaza, Hebron and in Lebanon, besides Ramallah. On the 31st, in Ramallah, the Forum General Assembly ended its activities.

During these days, we experienced the reality Palestine occupation by the Zionist state of Israel. Israel placed barriers and roadblocks everywhere. They also walled cities. The Zionist occupation Army controlled all movements of Palestinian people. Cars with differentiated plates allowed some to move freely everywhere and others had limited circulation. Barriers forcing people to come down and go through checkpoints where the humiliation of Palestinian people is permanent. The wall crosses, isolate and block Palestinian people in its own territory. Everything is similar to the Bantustans, isolated territories controlled militarily by the racist policy of apartheid in South Africa and of course, the even tougher policy regarding the Gaza Strip, where Palestinians have refused to participate in the fake negotiations that imperialism and the Zionist state of Israel tries to impose.

Unfortunately, once again, the Palestinian Authority (Fatah) accepted a negotiation process through which the Zionist government approves a law that will require all Arab descent to swear obedience and acceptance of the Zionist State principles. It will mean to force the Arabs to swear obedience and acceptance of Palestine domination and occupation, as well as the acceptance of the religious principles of Judaism.

Brazilian delegation and the representative of CSP-Conlutas main purposes were to strengthen relationship with groups that, coherently seek to organize the resistance and struggle of Palestinian people to end the occupation. In addition to that to intensify, in Brazil, the campaign in solidarity with the Palestinian People engaging in international organizations such as the BDS (Academic and cultural Boycott Campaign against the Zionist state).

Translation: Wilma Olmo Corrêa