Mon Feb 06, 2023
February 06, 2023

Winds in Europe are blowing in the Right Direction

World economy shows no signs of recovery, and signs of a new recession already appear in the horizon. Governments seek to rescue an EU that founders. While they debate about the Brexit, the working class enters action in France against Macron, overgrowing labor and political bureaucracies

By Corriente Roja

To the East, workers’ struggle emerges in Hungary. The working class expresses its tiredness with the far right wing government of Orbán, showing the limits of these “new saviors”, who shortly prove their inconsequence with the speech of “defense of the nation”. In fact, Orbán is lackey of the mandates of the German multinationals through the “Slavery Bill”.

In our country (Spanish State; T.N.), the situation is dominated by the electoral cycle (which began in Andalucía) and by the trial of the pro-independence leaders. On the meantime, the Sánchez administration attempts to adopt the Budgets, struggling to delay the summoning of General Elections.

The governments wants us to be happy with the promise of new budgets that, despite the rhetoric on its social character, are not qualitatively different from Montoro’s budgets.

As every four years, they will attempt to convince us that everything is solved by voting. The parties of the regime will join this farce, seeking to draw us into the electoral fold.

However, just as in France or Hungary, us workers will have to fight. Samur Social and Alcoa, women, retired, short-term contract public employees, taxi drivers… We will go to the streets to show we are not willing to sallow their speech. Only “fighting pays-off”, a month of firm mobilization is worth more than the theatre of the “social dialogue” of the labor bureaucracy and over 8 years of electoral cycles.

France is an indicator that we must prepare for abrupt changes. It is also an important point of support to deepen the path to struggle. The movement has created sympathies and if triumphant, it with strengthen the entire European workers’ movement.

The task of the organizations said to be of the working class is to work to create the best conditions so that these winds of struggle coming from France and the East may also develop here. To advance in the regrouping of unionism over new bases and the building of a revolutionary party that may begin to appear as a reference.

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