We reach the end of 2018 with a stagnated country. Millions are unemployed and others have precarious jobs without rights or security.

By PSTU-Brazil

The new, recently elected government is choosing its ministers among military, bankers and far right wing, applauded by the wealthy. However, a part of the working class and the oppressed sectors opposes it. At the same time, most of the class is optimistic, although some lack enthusiasm and trust. Several ministers, by the way, have been denounced for corruption.

Bankers applaud with enthusiasm the promises of privatizations, Social Security reform, withdrawal of labor rights and savage cuts in social expenses. Besides the promise of order, in other words, of repression to the poor, black, native, maroons [quilombolas], women, LGBTs and workers’ struggles and organizations.

Bolsonaro and his supporters are compromised in stepping over their opposition. For his children and him, to defend retirements is a communist demand. Although, Bolsonaro retired with only 16 years of contribution, receiving R$ 29 thousand at 57 years of age. He is even going to earn more than R$ 30 thousand per month now.

The fake news machine will turn on to convince the population that the reform will fight privileges, while it attempts to attack the poor and the working class.

All this to destine much more money to the public debt payment that eats up almost half the budget per year, which is twice what is spent in retirements. This is the greatest robbery of the country. Billions go to the bankers while millions of parents remain unemployed. In other to pay the debt, the government sets a limit on social expenses.

At the same time, they want to sell Brazil to the foreigners, to international speculators and to multinationals, especially from the USA, at a banana price. Petrobras, Caixa, the Bank of Brazil, public health and education will be open for sale.

Paulo Guedes, future minister of economy, is a banker and speculator. He is an investor of long distance education, which generates great profits. He will command the next wave of privatizations and dismantlement of public education. For this, the project named School without Party is actually a project of a unique party school, Bolsonaro’s party. This is a smoke screen to privatize education.

The selling of the country brought on by this extremely liberal project, copied from Chilean dictator Pinochet, will lead to the re-colonization of Brazil and the growth of barbarism over the poor people. To contain the poor and the black, they will increase the genocide against them, which already today kills 65 thousand people per year.

However, it is not all compliments for Bolsonaro and his generals. In a way, this project will also divide those above. Even the middle sectors that voted for the captain in order to defeat the PT and will now have their experience. They tend to react and fight.

Every working class oryouth conscious activist’s first task is to speak to most of the class and explain the projects of the future government. One must warn about what is coming. An enormous attack on pensions is being prepared that will affect the poorer and end with the youth’s future. We will be violently attacked to hand over Brazil to the foreigners and the bankers.

The second task is to build the broadest unity possible to fight. In factories, in workplaces and study places, in the fields and in the city. We must unite the struggles of public employees, students, private sector workers, unemployed, youth, peasants, quilombolas, the black, women, LGBT and natives.

The third task is to stand for the democratic freedoms, the right to protest, to fight, to express and organize oneself. To fight against the criminalization of fighters, of movements, of unions and our organizations.

Finally, it is necessary to demand from all organizations, unions and movements to organize a struggle plan and to build unity to fight in defense of pensions, employment, education and health. We must build a general strike.

The leaderships of the labor federations cannot repeat 2017. At the time, excepting the CSP Conlutas, they dismounted the second general strike that could have stopped the labor reform and even overthrow Temer. Back then, they accepted the strategy of the PT, Solidarity and the PCdoB, who privileged elections and were always willing to negotiate reforms.

Bolsonaro’s flag is not green and yellow. He wants to place the United States above all and bankers above everyone. Only the working class and social sectors through mobilization may stop the handing over of Brazil. At the same time, to actually change everything, we need a workers’ government that rules for those below through popular councils, and that stops enriching bankers. Brazil needs a socialist revolution.