On the support by PT and PCdoB given to the “coup” Rodrigo Maia to be the President of the Chamber of Deputies.

By Zé Maria – PSTU President.


If something was clear about the Brazilian lower chamber election was the confirmation of the popular saying: “from where nothing is there to be expected, nothing worthy comes”.

The election of a deputy by the DEM to be the President of the Chamber is the definitive proof that “they deserve each other”. Cunha goes out, his friend goes in. We could not expect anything different, could we?

What called our attention was the PT and PCdoB position in the dispute, and their support to the DEM candidate in the second turn. It was a shame seeing the DEM’s leader thanking “the left” for its support.

The PT and PCdoB continue the dennounce campaign of the “coup” that would have been performed against democracy and President Dilma’s turn (PT), through impeachment. And several sectors that claim to be leftist and socialist, like the PSOL, MTST and other smaller groups, fall for this litany.

The PT and PCdoB know perfectly well the speech of “coup” is only a rhetorical ruse, to promote the idea that the PT government was hunted by “the right”. Thus, they seek to run out of responsibility by the (real) strikes that the PT government implemented against the workers, serving the bankers and major bosses.

This became evident once again through the suppport of those parties to the “coup” representative to preside the Deputies Chamber.

It does not hurt to ask: Will the sector still reproducing the campaing of “coup”, taken ahead by the PT and PCdoB, finally understand?

Brazil’s Lower House President election comes to show, once again, the challenge remains the same. There is no way out of the crisis the country is living, to respond to the workers’ needs, unless built in the struggle against all of them.

Out with Temer, Dilma, Cunha, Aécio, Renan and Rodrigo Maia!

Out with all of them!

General elections now!
For a workers’ government based in popular councils!


Translation: Suz Nogueira.