From the IWL-FI, we strongly repudiate the horrific attack in Manchester Arena, especially repulsive by targeting teenagers and children.

We share the pain and sorrow of the relatives and friends of the 22 people dead and the 59 injured, and we send them our condolences.

We also want to stand in solidarity with the Lybian community in Manchester, and with the Islamic community in general, as much as with refugees and immigrants, who have no responsibility for this brutal attack, yet they are being the target of accusations by the British extreme-right wing and repressive measures by the police.

The authorities informed about a shy claim of the attack by ISIS, and it is highly possible the action was perpetrated by a sympathizer, matching the “Caliphate” loss of territory in the Middle East.

This type of action deserves the strongest repudiation by workers’ and social movement, and by all parties and organizations that claim to be leftists and in defense of human rights. These terrorist methods are alien to the methods of the working class and the peoples oppressed by imperialism.

Although they try to justify the attacks politically, these do not target the European governments -as responsible as its U.S. boss for the colonial pillaging and wars in the Middle East, for the criminal policy against refugees and immigrants, and for the austerity plans against the European working class. On the contrary, the attacks targeted innocent people who have no responsibility for the U.S and European imperialism’s genocide policies, and who are also victims of it.

Attacks like the one in Manchester only serve the campaigns of justification of these governments and their repression and violation of democratic and individual rights of Muslim immigrants and workers. They only favor imperialist policies against the peoples of the world.

Only the independent mobilization of the oppressed peoples, together with the working class and European peoples, will be capable of defeating ISIS and imperialism, which promotes bloody wars to defend its petty interests.

Repudiation to attacks against innnocent people! Down with the Islamic State!

Stop imperialist military intervention in Syria, Iraq and the world!

Stop repressive measures against immigrants, workers and populations under the excuse of anti-terrorist fight!